If You Love Beef Jerky, You’re Going to Love Biltong, Too

If You Love Beef Jerky, You’re Going to Love Biltong, Too

If you haven’t listened to of biltong, it is time you get your hands on a bundle. It is frequently compared to beef jerky, and for good purpose: the two meat treats glimpse virtually equivalent. It’s the flavor and texture that differentiates the two. Also, the two treats are designed in entirely distinctive means, and a person takes place to be much healthier than the other. To far better realize what this delectable meat snack is, we known as on Angelo Viterale, chef and proprietor of Ornella Trattoria, an Italian cafe in New York City, to give us some perception.

What is biltong, and what are its origins?

“Biltong is a kind of dried, healed meat that originated in Southern African nations,” says Viterale. “Various kinds of meat are employed to create it, ranging from beef and match meats to fillets of meat slash into strips pursuing the grain of the muscle mass, or flat parts sliced very skinny. It is really related to a kind of jerky.”

The beef which is utilized to make biltong is marinated in basic spices and elements these kinds of as salt, pepper, floor coriander, and vinegar. The meat snack has been built in South Africa for generations.

How is biltong distinctive from beef jerky?

Biltong meat is air-dried and then sliced into strips. Jerky, on the other hand, is ordinarily cut into strips to start with, marinated next, and then cooked.

“The vinegar, salt, and spices in biltong, jointly with the drying procedure, get rid of the meat as perfectly as including texture and flavor,” claims Viterale. “Jerky is traditionally dried with salt but without vinegar [and] is usually smoked. Meanwhile, biltong is never ever smoked.”

Oftentimes, beef jerky is bought in a assortment of distinctive flavors these types of as garlic, teriyaki, and even habanero, just to identify a couple of. This is for the reason that jerky is flavored and cured by means of marinades or spice rubs, while biltong only consists of basic spices or seasonings distinct to Africa.

Jerky is also cooked both in a dehydrator or smoked, and biltong is built as a result of a system called air-drying. To make a mass volume of the snack, the air-drying course of action requires lying the meat on to metallic trays in which they shrivel in warm air drying chambers. In other phrases, it’s by no means cooked.

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How would you describe the change in taste and texture among biltong and beef jerky?

“Biltong has a really strong gamey flavor,” he claims. “As for jerky, the second you chunk into it, you taste the smokiness correct absent.” The texture of the two is also wildly different. Biltong is more tender and chewy than jerky, which is considerably more durable and tricky.

How is biltong healthier for you than beef jerky?

“As significantly as dietary info go for biltong, in typical, it’s commonly a lot much healthier than jerky, as it tends to be a lot leaner. An average serving includes practically 50 percent of your day by day protein,” suggests Viterale. A 2-ounce deal of Bawnmore’s Standard Biltong has 150 energy, 460 milligrams of sodium, and a whopping 31 grams of protein. For comparison, two ounces of Jack Links Additional Tender First Beef Steak Strips jerky charges you 160 calories, 1,020 milligrams of sodium, and 20 grams of protein.

Below are some of our preferred biltong brands.

So, have we convinced you to consider it yet? If so, right here are a few biltong brand names we advocate and consider you will appreciate.

Bawnmore Conventional Biltong

package of bawnmore biltong meat snack


Bawnmore presents a few distinct sorts of biltong, but this individual style marries Irish grass-fed beef with a classic South African tradition. Bawnmore helps make this model of biltong by hold-drying the spiced beef for numerous days at home temperature.

Brooklyn Biltong: Peri Peri

brooklyn biltong spicy peri peri flavor


Brooklyn Biltong also whips up three distinctive varieties of the air-dried meat, but if you are looking for a thing that’s packing some heat, the Peri Peri assortment may perhaps be of interest to you. This spicy biltong is seasoned with garlic, chilies, and cayenne pepper.

Ayoba-Yo Biltong: Droëwors

ayoba yo biltong droewors beef sticks


Ayoba-Yo features a various sort of conventional biltong known as droëwors, which translates to dry sausage in English. This biltong is seasoned with coriander, cloves, salt, and pepper and hung to dry for over 5 times. Slender Jims really don’t stand a prospect towards this meat stick.

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