Why You Can’t Eat Just One Potato Chip—Revealed!

Why You Can’t Eat Just One Potato Chip—Revealed!

There is a explanation you cannot just have one potato chip. We all know at the time you begin munching away on the crispy snack, it is really tough to end. And it does not even have to do with the taste of the potato chips possibly.

Which is right, the cause you discover them so addicting is all for the reason that one more just one of your senses goes into overload. We split it down for you and why the moment you quit, the fun—the food—doesn’t prevent.

Why is it not possible to take in only one particular potato chip?

It’s all due to the fact of the audio potato chips make.

A person analyze, referred to as the “sonic chip,” discovered that the crunch sound that inevitably occurs as your tooth crush a little something crispy is an vital component of a food’s desirability component. People today affiliate the loudness of a crunch with the freshness of the food stuff.

The study, which received the IgNobel Prize in 2008, associated 20 contributors, each individual of which were asked to assess the freshness of 180 Pringles chips. For context, that’s about two tubes worth of potato chips. The two direct researchers experienced all of the contributors wear headphones so that they could manipulate how loud every participant heard the crunching sounds.

The end result? The louder the members heard the crunch, the much more they perceived it as crispier and fresher and, as a consequence, far more fascinating. While this addictive cue is subconscious, seem performs a huge purpose in our over-all pleasure of every little thing we eat.

Feel about it: Everyone who has eaten a stale chip knows that no matter how nicely it is flavored, it loses most of its attraction when the crunchiness is gone. Feel of how disappointing it is to chunk into a chip that basically breaks aside in your mouth without a enjoyable crunch. And it’s not just chips either. The similar goes for any variety of food—from fresh new make like a purple bell pepper to packaged merchandise like salty pretzels. When biting into a crisp apple or a crunchy potato chip, we associate the subsequent loud noise with its freshness, which makes it all the extra appetizing.

It’s no surprise you just can’t just take in a single solitary potato chip. Believe of how crunchy and satisfying it is so snack on them—and now you know why.

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