Why You Should Only Use a Wooden Spoon When You Cook, According to a Chef

Why You Should Only Use a Wooden Spoon When You Cook, According to a Chef

A wood spoon is a timeless cooking device, and it also comes about to be one of the finest kitchen utensils you can use. Whether stirring up a pot of stew or brownie batter, a wooden spoon can aid you with it all. We spoke with Heather Terhune, govt chef of Tre Rivali and The Outsider in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for perception on why this is the finest spoon of them all and why it ought to be the only utensil you use when you are cooking.

What accurately is it about a wooden spoon that can make it a great cooking utensil?

The initially top quality that chef Terhune appreciates about a picket spoon is that it is tough.

“Wooden spoons are potent and sturdy, which signifies they are fantastic for stirring thick mixtures like product puff paste and polenta devoid of breaking,” states Terhune. “Wooden spoons are sturdy more than enough to scrape the base of the pan so whatsoever you are cooking does not scorch but gentle adequate that they will not problems the pan.”

This stage potential customers to another one of a wood spoon’s ideal features: it will not destruction your cookware.

“For this motive, they are a fantastic option when making use of non-stick cookware,” she states.

Pro tip: Stay away from making use of a metal spoon or spatula on a nonstick pan. A good deal of non-stick pans are created from Teflon, which is a model of the man-created chemical PTFE that could be problematic to your overall health if consumed. A metal utensil could scratch the surface of this kind of pan and contaminate the food stuff.

A further essential factor of a wooden spoon or spatula is that they are warmth-resistant.

“Wooden spoons really do not perform warmth as steel spoons do, and there is no danger of melting them.” In other text, you’re not going to burn up your hand as you stir like you could possibly with a metal spoon, and you won’t threat melting it possibly, as would be a worry for plastic spoons and spatulas.

person stirring a marinara sauce with a wooden spoon over the stove top

What kinds of dishes do wooden spoons function very best with?

“I use wood spoons for just about every little thing,” states Terhune. “I love to bake, and wood spoons are particularly great for building fudge and brittles.”

Wood spoons are also fantastic tools for a lot more sensitive cooking, as well, these as stirring soups and sauces. Nonetheless, the chef claims it will be your go-to kitchen area software when you have to stir a particularly dense blend of substances.

“This is your instrument for something that needs a tiny extra muscle in the kitchen area,” she claims.

Are there any dishes that a wood spoon should not be employed for?

The chef suggests that though there are several types of wooden spoons out there and they are this sort of a adaptable kitchen software, there are a couple dishes that a wooden spoon just is not slice out for.

“I really don’t especially like them for folding in egg whites or whipped product to lighten batters silicone spatulas are ideal suited for this,” she claims.

How do you care for wooden spoons?

“Wooden spoons final a life span if they are taken treatment of. I nonetheless have some from my grandmother,” states Terhune. The chef also advises to generally hand-wash wood spoons. “Never allow them soak in drinking water, and hardly ever ever place them in the dishwasher.”

There is a single significant cause why you really do not want to place wooden kitchen area tools in the dishwasher. Even though they are powerful and strong, they can crack around time if they’re exposed to large heat for prolonged periods of time. The drying cycle, in certain, poses a danger to the longevity of a wooden spoon. Foodstuff particles can embed into the cracks, which can cause micro organism to mature. You just have to give your wooden spoon a little TLC, and it will constantly have your again in the kitchen area!

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