3 Eggs-cellent Ways to Make Egg Muffins

 3 Eggs-cellent Ways to Make Egg Muffins

If cooking breakfast just does not in shape into your early morning regimen, attempt prepping egg muffins on the weekend as a substitute. Cook a pan on Sunday and you’ll have a week’s really worth of protein-packed foods ready to seize from the freezer or fridge on the fly. You can refrigerate them in an airtight container for up to a 7 days, and microwave as wanted to warm them up. (They taste excellent cold too.) Here’s how to make a few creative combos. (Just about every a single yields 12 muffins, with 2 muffins per serving.) You can also consume them for lunch or supper, like these Healthy Breakfast for Dinner Recipes!

Crunchy broccoli and creamy goat cheese make for a savory pairing for this get-and-go freezer
breakfast, even though lemon zest provides just the correct burst of brilliant flavor.

Smoky bacon and mozzarella mingle with sharp, peppery arugula for a rapid
breakfast that’s nowhere quick on taste. Make ’em the Sunday just before a fast paced week and pop’em in the freezer simple feeding on on the go.