How to Cut Onions Without Crying Ever Again, According to a Chef

How to Cut Onions Without Crying Ever Again, According to a Chef

Many delectable recipes call for a serving of onion. No matter if it be tossed into a stir fry or baked into a casserole, the root vegetable offers just about any dish that additional particular raise in taste. Unfortunately, there is a relatively big pitfall to onions, and that lies within just having to be the human being to slice them up. Cue the tears—literally.

Why do onions make you cry, in any case? In accordance to the New York Instances, the mere act of reducing into the bulbed vegetable releases a chemical named lachrymatory factor (LF), which is basically a fuel. It right away triggers the sensory nerves in your eyes, causing them to burn off and properly up with tears. Who realized such a delicious vegetable could pack this kind of a potent material?

The good news is, there is a way to keep away from coming confront-to-face with the tear-inducing chemical. Immediately after all, chefs have to slice them on the fly all the time, and they absolutely don’t have time to quit and cry. We spoke with Chef Vincent Olivieri, Chef De Cuisine at Fairway Sector and Fairway Café & Steakhouse, to get the lowdown on how he dodges the burn off.

Is there a variety of onion that triggers you to cry a lot more so than other folks?

“An onion is an onion is an onion is an onion, no matter whether it be purple, white, purple, yellow, or green. Whether the shape is a bulb, a world, a sphere, or a stalk, it is all the identical,” states the chef. “I come across that older onions are often additional powerful and can trigger a tear.”

Okay, so how do I slice an onion with out crying?

“I myself am an knowledgeable onion slicer and have grow to be immune to the annoying burn up that slicing an onion causes to your eyes,” states Olivieri. “I have uncovered a couple of issues that have labored for my employees in the previous.”

Idea 1:

Olivieri implies working with a sharp knife to cut the onion.

“Slicing an onion with a sharp knife does not break down the cell partitions inside of the onion’s membranes. A dull knife triggers a rougher reduce, which in switch releases far more of the noxious gases that trigger our eyes to burn off,” he claims.

It tends to make feeling: using a uninteresting knife prompts you to dig extra aggressively into the tricky vegetable, which suggests you stop up releasing more of the LF in the onion than if you created a clear slice as a result of it with a sharper knife.

A sharp, multi-reason chef knife will do the trick.


Idea 2:

Olivieri recommends placing a soaked paper towel around your neck whilst hacking away at an onion.

“Some of my more recent staff members nonetheless cry when they slice their initially onion, in spite of how sharp we hold our knives,” he claims. “I have located that a dampened paper towel draped close to the front of your neck catches all those gases before they have time to make it into your sinuses. It will work.”

So there you have it: a sharp knife and holding a damp paper towel on your neck are all you want to hardly ever drop a further tear whilst chopping up onions once more. These rapid fixes will occur in helpful the subsequent time you want to make a French onion soup or caramelize some onions on the stovetop! We’re so happy we could just cry.

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