8 Food Secrets from Novak Djokovic

8 Food Secrets from Novak Djokovic

A whole lot of apply. Nerves of metal. And, if you are Novak Djokovic, a rigorous gluten-absolutely free food plan that he suggests has performed a key function in assisting him roll to 13 vocation Grand Slam titles around the class of his profession. Just after fighting back again from an elbow personal injury last yr and struggling as a result of a rocky season—last thirty day period he shed to an unseeded opponent at the French Open—Djokovic just emerged victorious (for the fourth time!) at Wimbledon, beating Kevin Anderson in straight sets.

Right here, in an special Eat This, Not That! adaptation from his reserve Provide to Earn, Djokovic reveals what he eats in the course of a tournament that usually offers him a aggressive edge.


Start off Consuming in the Morning

Most of us have early morning rituals, but mine is in all probability stricter than most.

The very first point I do out of mattress is to drink a tall glass of area-temperature drinking water. I have just gone 8 hrs devoid of drinking nearly anything, and my body desires hydration to start out operating at its peak. H2o is a crucial component of the body’s fix system. But I stay away from ice water, for a purpose. When you drink ice water, the entire body demands to send supplemental blood to the digestive procedure in purchase to warmth the drinking water to 98.6 degrees. There’s some reward to this process—heating the cold water burns a couple of supplemental energy. But it also slows digestion and diverts blood absent from wherever I want it—in my muscles.

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Consume Some Honey

The 2nd matter I do could possibly really shock you: I eat two spoonfuls of honey. Every single working day. I try out to get manuka honey, which arrives from New Zealand. It is a dim honey manufactured by bees that feed on the manuka tree (or tea tree), and has been shown to have even higher antibacterial qualities than standard honey.

I know what you’re pondering: Honey is sugar. Effectively, of course, it is. But your body demands sugar. In distinct, it requirements fructose, the sugar observed in fruits, some veggies, and particularly honey. What it doesn’t will need is processed sucrose, the stuff in chocolate, soda, or most energy drinks that offers you an quick sugar shot in the entire body, wherever you truly feel like “Wow!”

I don’t like “wow.” “Wow” is no fantastic. If you have “wow” now, that suggests in thirty minutes you are heading to have “woe.”


Take in a “Power Bowl” for Breakfast

After a little stretching or some mild calisthenics, I’m all set for breakfast. Most times I have what I get in touch with the Electricity Bowl, a usual-sized bowl I fill with a mixture of:

  • Gluten-no cost muesli or oatmeal
  • A handful of combined nuts—almonds, walnuts, peanuts
  • Some sunflower or pumpkin seeds
  • Fruits on the side, or sliced up in the bowl, like banana and all forms of berries
  • A compact scoop of coconut oil (I like it for the electrolytes and minerals)
  • Rice milk, almond milk or coconut h2o

Have Breakfast #2 on Standby

A person bowl of these ingredients is frequently adequate for me. If I feel that I will need something more—I rarely do—then I wait around about twenty minutes and have a small gluten-cost-free toasted bread, tuna fish, and some avocado. I like avocado it’s 1 of my favorites.


Pack Your Lunch with Carbs

For me, a common lunch is gluten-absolutely free pasta with vegetables. The pasta is made from quinoa or buckwheat. As for the veggies, the collection is huge. Arugula, roasted peppers, refreshing tomatoes, sometimes cucumber, a ton of broccoli, a great deal of cauliflower, inexperienced beans, carrots. I combine the greens with the pasta and some olive oil and a little bit of salt. (I must say that on match times when I know I’ll have to practice around midday and enjoy a match all around three, I have a hefty protein with my lunch, as a basis for the match. But in general, pasta is all I require.)

Tip: Like Djokovic, pair your carbs with higher-protein foodstuff, like any of these meals with far more protein than an egg!


Drink It In When You’re Doing work Out

In the course of apply, I go via two bottles of an energy drink that contains fructose extract. It’s not far too significant in the abdomen, but makes it possible for me to replenish. The elements I appear for in a drink are electrolytes, magnesium, calcium, zinc, selenium, and vitamin C. The magnesium and calcium assist with heart and muscle functionality and protect against cramps. If it is a humid day, I also have a hydration drink with electrolytes simply because I lose a good deal of liquids.

Just after practice, I have an natural protein shake created from water blended with rice or pea protein concentrate and some evaporated cane juice. I do not drink whey or soy shakes. I discover that, for me, this is the swiftest way to replenish.

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Snack Between Sets

Prior to a match, when I definitely want to fire up, I usually eat a energy gel with 20-5 milligrams of caffeine. For the duration of the match, I try to eat dried fruits like dates. I have one particular or two teaspoons of honey. I constantly stick with sugars derived from fructose. Moreover these illustrations, the extensive bulk of the sugar I eat will come from the education drinks I talked about.


Have a Protein-Concentrated Evening meal

Later, when it’s time for supper, I consume protein in the kind of meat or fish. That normally indicates steak, rooster, or salmon, as extensive as it’s natural, grass-fed, no cost-selection, wild, and so on. I buy meats roasted or grilled, and fish steamed or poached if probable. The nearer a foodstuff is to nature, the extra wholesome it is. I pair it with a steamed vegetable like zucchini or carrots. I may also have some chickpeas or lentils, or occasionally soup.

Take in LIKE DJOKOVIC—and find out how you can really feel like a winner by changing your diet—with his unique meal system in Provide to Gain!


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