How to Spot Fake Kombucha in 6 Easy Steps

How to Spot Fake Kombucha in 6 Easy Steps

The most stylish resource of probiotics these days is a subtly sweet fermented consume which is just as effervescent as soda. That’s suitable, you guessed it—it’s kombucha. The probiotic beverage is designed with a foundation of sweetened green or black tea, which is then fermented with a bit of sugar and a symbiotic society of microbes and yeast identified as SCOBY. The end result is a drink that hosts a ton of opportunity wellbeing and body weight decline positive aspects.

Whether or not you have experimented with the bubbly sip or contemplated it, you’ve probably found the quite a few distinctive manufacturers lining the fridge portion at Full Meals. So, how do you decide the proper kombucha that packs in the most gains? We spoke to GT Dave, founder and CEO of GT’s Kombucha, and Matt Thomas, the founder and CEO of Brew Dr. Kombucha, to offer perception on how you can choose the suitable kombucha. Heed their specialist tips ahead of you pick up your next booch.


See if the kombucha is refrigerated.

Brew dr kombucha bottles in fridge

“As a living food stuff, Kombucha is also not shelf-steady, so it need to always be kept refrigerated. If you see one particular that is not stocked in a refrigerated portion, that Kombucha is an imposter,” GT Dave states. Kombucha preferences far better chilled, anyway.


Glimpse at the component list.

kombucha bottles

Recognizing a faux Kombucha begins before you open a bottle. GT Dave tells us that there are a variety of telltale signs you need to appear out for on the bottom of the bottle or can.

“First, Kombucha is crafted with a foundation of green or black tea, so it’s critical that green or black tea is listed in the substances,” he says, including that you ought to prevent kombuchas that include tea flavors, extracts, or essences in their component lists. “Also, if ‘kombucha’ is stated towards the end of the component record, then you know that supplying is mostly designed of h2o and not whole energy,” GT Dave states.


Examine the ‘Enjoy By’ date.


“The key phrase to search for when choosing a kombucha that does not use warmth to remove the alcoholic beverages manufactured by fermentation would be ‘raw,’” Thomas tells us. “Kombucha should be raw, just as nature supposed. If you see one particular that has been processed, filtered, or pasteurized, it is not authentic,” GT Dave adds. “A basic way to vet this is by checking the ‘Enjoy By’ date, which is generally printed on leading of the cap. The Delight in By date need to have a small window to mirror the point that this is a uncooked, dwelling foods.”


If you are watching your sugar consumption, make confident it is made up of ‘0% juice.’

kombucha bottle and fruit

SCOBY necessitates a little bit of sugar to feed the good gut bacteria, so even though the sweet stuff is vital, you really do not want it to dominate the component record. “At Brew Dr., we include things like sugar on the component checklist for all our kombucha for the reason that it is a necessary element of the fermentation course of action on the other hand, our sugar for each serving sum is incredibly small simply because we in no way incorporate sugar or juice right after the fermentation course of action, which would raise the sum of sugar for every serving,” Thomas informs us. “Adding juice as a flavoring is frequent in the industry, so we’re quite happy of the ‘contains % juice’ be aware on each individual and every single bottle of Brew Dr. kombucha.”

Whether a brand uses sugar or sweetened fruit juice to ferment the SCOBY, make sure you’re deciding on a kombucha with significantly less than 10 grams of sugar for every serving.

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Does it have a tangy style?

cold brew kombucha

On taking your 1st sip, you are going to observe kombucha’s signature tangy taste—which just happens to be a critical indicator to determining a real booch, GT Dave tells us. “This flavorful attribute is produced via an genuine fermentation, which can be identified in all cultured foods such as kimchi, kefir, Greek yogurt, and sourdough bread. Any kombucha that does not give this visible tangy chunk is pretend, including all those crafted from focus.”


Appear out for additives.

gt's kombucha

Kombucha is excellent sufficient on its own—so why taint it with additives?

“Many makes increase powdered probiotic nutritional supplements in buy to make a health and fitness claim. We sense that is disingenuous,” Thomas says. “Pure, raw, fermented kombucha does not need additives like that. In the grocery keep, make certain you glimpse for a small sugar for each serving amount and constantly read the component record. If you see any additives these kinds of as pure flavors, you’re possible obtaining a products that cuts corners in order to make promises. We never add just about anything following the fermentation procedure, meaning that all the flavors, aromas, and probiotics appear from the tea blends we use, not from additives or flavorings.”

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