I Lost 100 Pounds Eating Pizza—Here’s How

I Lost 100 Pounds Eating Pizza—Here’s How

I know what you are contemplating, since I had my doubts, too. The plan of my new e-book, The Pizza Eating plan, seems ridiculous at first—like an oxymoron—or even worse still, like just one more in the endless parade of weight-loss gimmicks we’ve been subjected to for decades, from the cookie diet plan, to the grapefruit diet plan to one thing identified as the “werewolf ” diet, the place foods are based on the lunar calendar.

But this is no fad, and I have my medical paperwork and the just before-and-immediately after images to prove it to you.

I dropped a lot more than 100 pounds in 9 months on The Pizza Diet and reversed a number of wellbeing issues that stemmed from weighing much far more than I ought to have. How is it doable to consume pizza just about every day and nevertheless get rid of fat, you request? It begins with redefining how we think of pizza.

Manufactured properly, pizza is loaded with a combine of vitamins and minerals that make it a actually nutritious meal. It is only fattening junk food stuff if it is designed rapidly and cheaply with lower-excellent substances the way most pizza is dished out in the United States. Most dough utilised by American pizzerias is nutritionally deficient and loaded with preservatives and hydrogenated fats. The cheese is greasy, and the toppings are generally frozen. If which is the variety of pizza you are having, your entire body is heading to put up with.

My pizza—part of the meal program in The Pizza Eating plan—is different. It’s manufactured in the aged Italian way, with refreshing develop and unique dough, and it fits properly into a numerous, perfectly-rounded diet regime. Even with what’s been drummed into our heads about the previous couple of years, not all carbs are negative. They make up an important section of our diet program, and they’re important for our physique to functionality effectively. They supply energy, minimize the danger of cardiovascular illness, and the fiber contained in lots of styles (which includes fruits, greens and whole grains) can help us truly feel fuller and retains our fat down. (Studies have also proven that ingesting foodstuff with our arms, these kinds of as pizza, will help us sense extra content since it can help us practical experience greater aroma and texture of our foods.)

The prepare I lay out in The Pizza Diet plan is based on the Mediterranean Diet plan, that way of ingesting based on the aged traditions of Greece and southern Italy, the place the costs of continual illness are among the the lowest in the planet and the lifestyle expectancy is optimum. This is what I grew up with this is the foods I appreciate. This is the most effective pizza for pounds loss.

Eat PIZZA and Drop Pounds on The Pizza Diet program—Order Your Copy Today!

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