Top 7 Culprits of Sneaky Sugar from the ’14-Day No Sugar Diet’

Top 7 Culprits of Sneaky Sugar from the ’14-Day No Sugar Diet’

1 of the best matters you can do for your in general health—and your waistline—is slash back again on sugar. The addictive sweetener has taken on the roll of “food villain” for many of us (particularly those with a sweet tooth!), has been tied to a host of overall health problems, and is credited with encouraging to gas the country’s being overweight epidemic.

For this week’s podcast, the Take in This, Not That! workforce is joined by Jeff Csatari, the Executive Editor of Try to eat This, Not That! magazine and the writer of a single of our most recent guides, The 14-Day No Sugar Diet regime: Reduce Up to a Pound a Working day and Obtain Your Route to Improved Wellbeing. Within the pages of his uncomplicated-to-have an understanding of e book, Jeff shares insights about how sugar cravings and addictions can be tackled—and in just two weeks.

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Place People Sneaky Sugars

Clear sweet treats—think cookies, sweet, and soda—are easy to goal and stay clear of, but what about the top secret sugar bombs in your “healthy” foods and snacks? Also usually, foodstuff that we think are superior for us are loaded with concealed sugars—the type that trigger cravings for much more sweets and accelerate the storage of belly fats.

To enable jumpstart your pounds decline, discover all those sneaky sugars lurking in your meals and stop feeding on them. The 14-Working day No Sugar Diet plan assists you discover them. Right here, Jeff shares some of the worst frequent offenders:


Fruit-Flavored Yogurt

Calcium, protein, and fruit. What’s not to love about yogurt? Consider a whopping 20-25 grams of sweet sugars—all hiding in a “healthy” dairy disguise.


Tomato Soup

We all know soup can pack staggering quantities of sodium, but what about sugars? Campbell’s Creamy Tomato Soup provides 14 grams even just before you incorporate the Saltines. Make home made alternatively.


Raisin Bran Cereal

It has “bran” in the title. Appears fantastic, appropriate? Yeah, but it also has sugar-coated raisins in the box, contributing to the 18 grams of sugar for every cup of cereal.


Electrical power/Protein Bars

They get in touch with ’em power bars for a explanation: they are total of electricity in the form of sugar. Just one common bar packs four Oreo cookies worthy of of sugar. Certain, you will get a short term raise in power, but count on a tricky crash soon just after.


Orange Juice

Florida’s organic, vitamin-C packed nectar is not as healthier as it may well look. An 11.5-ounce bottle of Simply just Orange’s pulp-no cost orange juice packs in 33 grams of sugar—that’s the identical food plan-busting quantity you will come across in a few Krispy Kreme Glazed Doughnuts!


Crimson Bull Electricity Consume

Crimson Bull is another “energy” perpetrator offering 27 grams of sugar for each 8 ounces. That is far more than you get in a Snickers bar. Value it to get your wings? We didn’t assume so.


Applebee’s Oriental Grilled Rooster Salad

There’s nothing at all incorrect with leafy greens and grilled rooster. But it is the Oriental vinaigrette dressing that turns a nutritious meal into the sugar equal of a plate of 10 Oreo cookies.

You can learn much more about why slicing out sugar can considerably improve your general overall health by listening to this week’s episode of the Eat This, Not That! Podcast beneath. Like what you hear? You can also subscribe to our Eat This, Not That! podcast on Apple Podcasts.

Thanks again to our distinctive guest, Jeff Csatari, for sharing each your individual tale and good insights straight from your ebook. The 14-Working day No Sugar Eating plan is readily available now.

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