The One Food The Royal Family Won’t Eat

The One Food The Royal Family Won’t Eat

Any person who travels the environment as frequently as the Royal Relatives possible indulges in plenty of cultural delicacies like clam risotto in Italy and shrimp paella in Spain. But not the Queen and her clan. Evidently, there is one particular food that’s totally off limits to the fam because of to its significant risk of carrying a foodborne health issues: shellfish.

And it’s not just protein-rich shellfish that they’ll shun. The royals are also suggested in opposition to taking in rare meats, anything far too spicy, and imbibing faucet water when abroad—all to avert possibly finding infected by a bug.

A further meals missing from the royal foods? Given that the Queen reportedly hates garlic, the slimming allium has been eliminated from all foods eaten with the monarch. “At Buckingham Palace you really do not cook with garlic,” former palace chef John Higgins shared with the National Write-up. “I suppose in situation you get the royal burp.”

It doesn’t even stop there. The Queen of England has a further quirky foodstuff restriction: “No potatoes, rice, or pasta for supper,” former palace chef Darren McGrady instructed The Telegraph. For supper, they’ll usually have “something like grilled sole with veggies and salad.”

Whilst at Try to eat This, Not That! we’re all for feeding on all of the earlier mentioned (other than possibly not overseas tap h2o), obtain out what which fare we assume you seriously need to shun in our report on 27 Food items To Toss Out Of Your Kitchen For Good.

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