The One Food Ina Garten Would Never Eat

The One Food Ina Garten Would Never Eat

We have watched Ina Garten whip up dazzling gourmet dishes that make us want we ended up her husband Jeffrey for a day (or yr), but has anyone actually seen the one component she by no means provides to her recipes? Even though we’d enjoy to sift through her cookbooks (you know, to uncover out), we’ll spare you the difficulties: it is cilantro! “I just is not going to go close to it,” the winner of two James Beard awards admitted in a current Time job interview.

As surprising as it is, Ina has a document of shunning this low-priced and healthful herb. An additional issue she will not touch? “I’m not big on issues with eyeballs. And foam,” she shared. We’re with ya on the eyeballs, Ina, but will you genuinely say no to a frothy latte?! Speaking of our most loved AM decide-me-up, obtain out the 25 Points That Take place to Your Human body When You Consume Espresso.

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