The Absolute Best Way to Store Coffee Beans, According to Experts

The Absolute Best Way to Store Coffee Beans, According to Experts

How do you keep your coffee beans? Has it at any time crossed your mind that you may well not be storing them correctly—and that it could be the cause why your coffee’s not as wonderful as it could be? Nicely, we spoke with two gurus in the coffee enterprise to far better realize particularly why it’s vital to keep the beans appropriately. For the reason that you want your coffee to style the absolute best it can, suitable?

Lavazza Instruction Manager, Kathleen Mccarthy, and Lorraine Walker, operator of Silver Bridge Espresso Business and member of the Specialty Coffee Association and Roaster’s Guild, dish out every little thing you require to do to maintain your coffee beans clean.

What is the very best way to retailer coffee beans?

Mccarthy says there are 4 features you must account for in get to retain the freshness of coffee beans: air, humidity, warmth, and light—specifically daylight.

“Once a bag of coffee is opened, the beans can start out to turn into stale within just just a several days, establishing a flat, bitter taste and an uncomfortable aroma,” says Mccarthy. “The very best container in which to keep your coffee beans would be airtight and opaque just one with a a single-way valve or a vacuum seal would be great.”

Walker agrees, and states they ought to also be stored “away from warmth, mild, and moisture.”

So, how particularly do air, humidity, warmth, and light-weight influence coffee beans? It’s pretty uncomplicated in fact: they all trigger the beans to turn into stale.

“This container really should be saved in a amazing, darkish site. For instance, a cupboard positioned away from the stove and any other warmth-building appliances,” says Mccarthy.

Can you shop coffee beans in the fridge?

Equally industry experts concur that whilst you can, it is not needed to preserve the beans refrigerated.

“You will get your very best final results from storing in a great, darkish area like your cupboard or pantry,” suggests Walker.

Coffee normally absorbs odors from the environment, as a great deal as the baking soda you may perhaps shop in the fridge does. So if your refrigerator is often loaded with aromatic foodstuff, your coffee will start out to just take on people flavors if the container it’s in is not 100 % airtight,” claims Mccarthy.

Um, coffee that preferences like garlic? No, thanks.

“Refrigerators are also quite humid, and that humidity could seep into your beans and induce them to grow to be stale far more swiftly if the container is not fully airtight,” she points out. “For the most pleasurable cup of espresso, your roasted beans should really be floor for every personal brew, and saved for no for a longer time than a week.”

Once again, a non-clear airtight container like this one is key.

coffee beans stored in an opaque airtight container


If you like chocolate raspberry flavored or hazelnut-infused espresso for case in point, then you may possibly want to be cognizant of what storing them may possibly do to the flavors.

“If you acquire flavored coffees, be mindful most containers will take in that flavor and impart it to any future coffee you’re storing,” states Mccarthy.

Do you retailer espresso grounds otherwise than coffee beans?

The two Walker and Mccarthy say that you must keep equally coffee grounds and beans in a comparable setting, as the very same things will affect just about every of their flavors in the correct very same way.

“Of system, because more of the area is uncovered to oxygen in floor espresso, it will [become] stale more promptly than the total bean. Your finest observe is to grind the espresso you approach to brew each morning. On the other hand, be thorough about the type of grinder you purchase,” advises Walker. “Blade grinders grind inconsistently, leaving you with powder in the middle and coarse grounds at the edge. This uneven grind will not create your best cup of espresso.”

Walker says a Burr grinder will generate the most evenly ground espresso, which in part will allow for additional appropriate extraction of flavor.

“If you cannot grind your beans refreshing for each brew, be notably watchful with storage, and be aware that your day-to-day espresso won’t style as it should,” warns Mccarthy. “Flavors and aromas will minimize in complexity, and the espresso will acquire a rancid flavor.”

Water is basically an critical ingredient when it comes to espresso beans.

The temperature of the drinking water is pivotal in the brewing process.

“Make positive you are having the h2o to an exceptional temperature to extract the most taste from your coffee,” says Walker. “You want your drinking water temperature to be amongst 195-205 levels Fahrenheit in order to brew the best cup of espresso at residence.”

Walker also claims the quality of water you use to brew espresso is also an vital variable. For case in point, if you really don’t commonly drink the faucet water at your dwelling, then never use that drinking water for your espresso possibly. Timing is another factor to be aware of.

“When it will come to ingesting a good cup of espresso, you should be inquiring ‘when was my espresso roasted’ not ‘when does this coffee expire,’” suggests Walker. Now, are you ready to get brewing?

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