Flatten Your Belly with the 17-Day Green Tea Diet!

Flatten Your Belly with the 17-Day Green Tea Diet!

All it takes is a humble bag of tea. Discover out how in THE 17-Day Green TEA Diet plan, produced by the bestselling authors of Consume This, Not That!

The key lies in a uncommon but effective nutrient regarded as EGCG—found virtually solely in inexperienced tea—that improves extra fat burning, inhibits your body’s capacity to construct new fats cells, and guards you from every and every a single of the main disorders of our day.


Its results are so impressive that, by combining it with the 4 one of a kind superfoods of THE 17-Working day Inexperienced TEA Eating plan, you will:

Eliminate entire body body fat

As a great deal as 14 pounds in 17 times!—while feeding on all your beloved foods. Find out why green tea drinkers have, on typical, 20 % fewer human body fats than non-drinkers.

Never sense hungry or deprived

Even as the lbs melt absent! Inexperienced tea quashes starvation, lessens tension, and even enhances snooze.

Strengthen your metabolism—instantly!

Find how inexperienced tea increases the consequences of exercise—and even assists tone your muscular tissues.

Detox and cleanse your human body, obviously

A person analyze uncovered that consuming tea might block your system from absorbing environmental poisons.

Gradual the growing old process and seem, come to feel, and live more youthful

Individuals who consume the most green tea are considerably less very likely to die of any cause than those people who do not, according to an eleven-yr research.

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With a finish, straightforward-to-use taking in prepare that operates for everyone, furthermore delightful recipes for meals, treats, and even desserts, THE 17-Working day Eco-friendly TEA Diet regime is the great prepare for everyone who wishes established results—fast! Within, you are going to get:

The Finish Food Prepare

Discover uncomplicated principles of when to drink tea and how to make them get the job done with the inexperienced superfoods, so you are going to reduce your belly in just 17 times.

Manual to Excess fat-Blocking Teas

Find out which types have the most bodyweight-loss power—and how to brew the great cup in seconds.

Scrumptious Inexperienced Tea Recipes

Understand 30+ approaches to consume, cook and enjoy environmentally friendly tea, with our delectable and quick-to-make how-tos.

The Trim-Down Physical fitness Prepare

Acquire your excess weight decline to the future level with this reward high-depth exercise session.

Get rid of UP TO 14 POUNDS—FROM YOUR Belly Initial!

All it will take is a humble bag of tea. Locate out how in THE 17-Day Environmentally friendly TEA Eating plan, developed by the bestselling authors of Try to eat This, Not That!

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