Healthy Hacks: How to Make Almond Flour

Healthy Hacks: How to Make Almond Flour

Any one who’s ever shopped for almond flour knows it can be really expensive. And that is a disgrace mainly because it is chockfull of important vitamins and minerals like protein, fiber, and calcium. A 3-pound bag (which holds about 14 cups) of Honeyville’s Blanched Almond Flour, for example, charges a jaw-dropping $21.89. (For some comparison, a typical 5-pound bag of Gold Medal flour is $3.65.) Which is a major chunk of adjust that you could use on, oh I never know, veggies, fruit, and other food items you have to have to get you as a result of the 7 days. Nevertheless, if there’s a will to reap the positive aspects of almond flour, then there is most surely an affordable way.

For illustration, if you select up a a single-pound bag of Trader Joe’s Uncooked California Almonds, it will price tag you $5.99. Somewhere around ⅞ cup of raw almonds (1 of these 30 Very best-Ever Fat Burning Foods) yields 1 cup of almond flour. So, right after multiple (tiresome) mathematical calculations, you are going to discover that 3 one-pound luggage of almonds will generate about 14 cups of almond flour for $17.97. Although conserving $3.92 may well not seem like a total whole lot, if you buy almond flour at the time a thirty day period, making it on your own would help save you $47.04 for every year—which is much more than plenty of to treat your self to a night out. Have we confident you to toss on your apron and roll up your sleeves? Very good! Let’s delve into the how to…

WHAT You’ll Need

1 cup of almonds
Superior-run blender
Mason jar


Move 1

Measure out a cup of almonds and toss them into the blender. Spot the environment on large and pulse the nuts for 30 to 60 seconds. You could require to jostle the blender a handful of moments in order to break up any clumps of almonds that type.

Take in This! Idea: Make confident not to exceed a person moment or you may well just end up with a combination that resembles almond butter.

Step 2

Spoon the flour out of the blender and seal it up in a Mason jar, the place it can continue to be contemporary for up to a single 12 months. For the very best-tasting effects, retail store the jar in a great, dim location.


Almond flour can be made use of in any recipe that phone calls for white flour—cookies, pancakes, bread, and extra. The very best component? There’s no extravagant math expected to whip up your dish of preference. A single cup of almond flour = one particular cup white flour. Tremendous effortless!

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