How to Make Almond Milk for Weight Loss

What’s the Deal with Carrageenan?

Get this: Virtually 65 percent of the inhabitants is lactose intolerant. And it looks like a lot more and far more Americans are ditching dairy in an effort to shed pounds each individual working day. That reported, it’s definitely no shock that dairy-absolutely free possibilities like almond milk are extra common than ever before—and we’re totally down with the development! Which is specifically why we have made a recipe for how to make almond milk.

Usually talking, almond milk is a nutritious decide on. On the other hand, many of the store-acquired kinds are riddled with sugar and a quantity of them also include stomach-aggravating additives like carrageenan, a seaweed-primarily based thickening agent. Yuck! So what’s an almond-milk loving dieter to do to assure the quite finest batch? In its place of losing hours examining diet labels like a insane particular person, toss on an apron and make some from scratch. Not only is it super effortless, the resulting drink is made up of much far more almonds—and subsequently additional nutrients—than the retail outlet-purchased varieties. (Our recipe makes use of an complete cup of almonds, though only 2 per cent of an Almond Breeze carton is crammed with nuts!) In addition, homemade almond milk tastes fresher, has an unrivaled creamy texture, and is 100 per cent absolutely free of suspicious additives. In quick, there’s totally no issue that do-it-yourself is the way to go—especially if you’re a enthusiast of including almond milk to your right away oats or smoothies on the reg. Itching to make a batch? Here’s how to make almond milk:

WHAT You’ll Want

1 cup almonds (soaked in h2o overnight)
4 cups of drinking water

Optional additions:
Vanilla bean (or extract)
Medjool dates
Maple syrup, honey, agave or stevia to flavor (get all the have to have-to-know info on all the distinct sweeteners here)


Stage 1

Combine soaked almonds, h2o, and optional components in a blender for 1 to 2 minutes, until completely blended and creamy.

Action 2

Strain the combination into a bowl utilizing a cheesecloth, kitchen towel, or nut milk bag.

Stage 3

Squeeze out ALL liquid and set apart remaining almond pulp.

Step 4


Eat This! Tip

Conserve the almond pulp and use it to make cookies, crusts, nut butter, or even a entire body scrub! In need to have of some culinary inspiration? We adore this recipe for almond pulp macaroons from Elana’s Pantry!

Note: Packaged almond milk is generally fortified with calcium. Nonetheless, selfmade varieties do not consist of considerable quantities of the nutrient. If you ordinarily depend on the beverage for your everyday intake, you ought to think about changing your diet plan to be certain you take in adequate of the bone-creating nutrient.

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