Surprising Uses for Tiger Nuts

Surprising Uses for Tiger Nuts

Very first thing’s to start with what accurately is this funny-sounding meals? A tiger nut is essentially a modest root vegetable crammed with tummy-busting fiber and health and fitness-boosting vitamins. Well-liked amongst Paleo dieters, this historical health meals originated in Egypt, but—thanks to its sweeter flavor and quite a few uses—it’s a short while ago manufactured a comeback, popping up in health food stuff outlets throughout the country. Apart from the basic old uncooked tiger nuts (which you can just toss into your mouth like sweet), food items producers are also popping out milks, flours, and oils designed from the historic veggie.

But what can tiger nuts do for you, accurately? Effectively, not only does this highly effective very little tuber have some astounding takes advantage of, it’s also a strong resource of resistant starch, a starch that does specifically what the identify implies—resists digestion and aids pounds decline. The soluble fiber in tiger nuts can also be a major resource of prebiotics, the gas that aids your superior intestine microorganisms prosper. In contrast to genuine nuts like almonds and walnuts, tiger nuts have less protein. However, they possess a hearty dose of bloat-banishing potassium and vitamin E, a nutrient that protects cells from the damaging outcomes of most likely cancer-leading to free radicals.

Though the taste is a little bit sweeter than real nuts, not everybody is a lover of the bland taste and dry texture. To reap the benefits of this new superfood—without struggling by an unpleasant snack—we’ve arrive up with some effortless and delectable strategies to healthy tiger nuts into your diet program!

In Wholesome Desserts

Use tiger nut flour (which can be purchased here) to develop mouth watering gluten-free of charge desserts. Subsequent time you are in the mood to bake something sweet, swap in tiger nut flour for refined white flour. (A 1:1 ratio will get the job done just high-quality.) Because the flour alternate is the natural way sweet and nutty, you could also take into account healthifying the recipe even more by utilizing a little bit less sugar than the recipe phone calls for. Consider it in cookies, brownies, cakes, pies, or something else your sweet tooth craves.

As a Topping

Make a very simple coronary heart-nutritious granola applying chopped tiger nuts, shredded unsweetened coconut, your preferred unsweetened dried fruit, coconut oil, honey, and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. (You can uncover a good recipe at Paleo Pumpkin.) This crunchy topper is great for grab-and-go snacking and also tastes excellent sprinkled on best of Greek yogurt and right away oats. You can also coat fish and chicken with sliced tiger nuts straight out of the bag. (Drag the meat via an egg bathtub first.) It’s a wonderful way to reap the well being advantages devoid of generating any major alterations to your favourite dinner recipes.

As a Drink

Producing tiger nut milk is easier than you could feel. Just stick to our manual for making do-it-yourself almond milk and swap out the almonds for your new preferred tuber. Wanting for a thicker sip? Mix tiger nuts into your smoothies. Delish!


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