The Kiwano: The Quirky Fruit with Multiple Personalities

The Kiwano: The Quirky Fruit with Multiple Personalities

I try to remember the day as if it were yesterday. Five a long time in the past, I waltzed into a Kroger, on the lookout for a juicy fruit to rehydrate with immediately after a blistering scorching operate. I should to attempt a thing new, I thought. Desperate for electrical power, I quickly scanned the aisles of the produce part and spotted a quirky, orange fruit that experienced miniature horns protruding from its glossy area.

Kiwano is the title of the mysterious fruit I encountered 50 % a ten years back. Also coined as the “Horned Melon,” “Jelly Melon,” or—my particular favorite—”Cucumis Metuliferus,” this melon is just one well worth making an attempt at least once. The name of the fruit would direct you to believe that it correlates to kiwis, on the other hand, but it ends up getting biologically nearer in relation to cucumbers and zucchinis.


Hailing from Southern Africa and cultivated in elements of Australia, New Zealand, and even the Usa, this gelatinous fruit 1st tastes similar to a cucumber. But as soon as a kiwano is completely ripe, it in fact resembles the taste of a banana! The environmentally friendly, slimy innards enclose pumpkin-like seeds that are protected to ingest. Regardless of no matter if its visual appeal (inside of and out) frightens or intrigues you, challenge you to snag it off the shelf simply because this fruit is laden in diet.


1st and foremost, this fruit is wonderful for weight reduction. Critically! The fruit itself encompasses far more than 80 percent of water, permitting you to really feel full with no consuming an overwhelming quantity of calories. An added perk: Kiwanos can also assist tame bouts of strain and stress and anxiety. Investigation has connected numerous natural compounds that reside in the kiwano to getting the potential to control the adrenaline hormone, which has a tendency to fireplace up underneath periods of stress. Upcoming time you feel the onset of stress, bust open this fruit to enable you reconnect with a a lot more well balanced point out of emotion.

Prep and Feeding on

Even though the outer skin is inedible, you should wash the oddly scary shell like all fruits and veggies, at the time you puncture the outsides, you give bacteria and pesticides an opening to enter into its edible core. For a checklist of other food items that need to have a rinse, verify out these six foodstuff that you need to be washing— but usually are not.

After washing off the skin thoroughly, comply with these ways to indulge in this funky fruit!

Slice vertically

Get a Spoon

After it really is divided into two wedges, you can both lower every wedge horizontally or right away dive in with a spoon. Take in your kiwano as is, toss it onto a salad, or combine into to a person of your beloved cocktails for an formidable twist!

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