The World’s Best Sandwich Recipe

The World’s Best Sandwich Recipe

How can 1 individual potentially know unless of course what sandwich is really “the world’s best” unless she’s tried to make just about every sandwich under the sun? Nicely, guess what: I have.

In the very last 24 months, I may well have pretty much designed each individual sandwich regarded to male. And I’m all set to reveal the incredibly finest just one.

It started with a humble turkey and Swiss that I made for my boyfriend. He liked it—or at minimum, he loved the actuality that I’d made it for him—so much so that he blurted out these shocking terms: “Honey, you are 300 Sandwiches absent from a marriage ceremony ring.”

Maybe cooking your way to a wedding ring is not accurately a feminist perfect, but I’m also the variety of girl who just cannot resist soaring to a challenge. I was going to get that ring, and I was going to do it by mastering every solitary sandwich recipe recognised to gentleman.

For the future two decades, I became the Sandwich Queen. Lobster rolls? Made ‘em. Ice product sandwiches? Completed it—with homemade ice cream! Muffulettas? Arepas? Sliders? From baked-from-scratch Oreos to French Toast Peanut Butter and Jelly, I grew to become a a single-girl Sandwich Era.

And then I found it. The World’s Finest Sandwich Recipe.

I didn’t know it was the world’s finest at initial. I fact, I went on to make 200 sandwiches much more just before it dawned on me that no issue how outstanding my up coming concoction may possibly be, it would in no way fairly measure up to what I have considering that realized is The World’s Finest Sandwich Recipe.

As for my quest for the ring? I got the recipes, and I obtained the male. We’re having married in June. And many thanks to my kitchen ordeal, now you can acquire your partner’s heart devoid of getting to make 300 sandwiches.

With this recipe, you only have to make just one.

Prime Rib Steak Sandwich with Carmelized Onions


Would make 4

1 medium onion
5 Tbsp unsalted butter
1 pound primary rib, minimize into 4 steaks
2 Tbsp chopped fresh new rosemary
2 Tbsp chopped refreshing thyme
2 Tbsp black pepper
kosher salt
2 Tbsp olive oil
2 medium ciabatta rolls or hearty sandwich buns, halved
2 Tbsp thick seeded mustard
1 cup arugula leaves

How to Make It

Stage 1

Minimize the onion into thick slices and sautee around medium warmth with 2 Tbsp of the butter for 10 minutes, stirring usually. Lower warmth to minimal and carry on sautéing till carmelized (about 20 far more minutes).

Action 2

Whilst the onions are cooking, rub the prime rib on both equally sides with a combination of rosemary, thyme, and black pepper. Sprinkle with kosher salt.

Step 3

Warmth a large nonstick pan more than medium warmth. When the pan is hot, increase 1 Tbsp of the olive oil and sear steaks on a single aspect. At the time the steaks are midway cooked (about 2 minutes), flip them around and add 2 Tbsp of butter to the pan. Tilting the pan toward you a bit, use a spoon to baste the butter and olive oil combination about the leading of the steaks. Steaks are cooked unusual as soon as the within of the meat reaches close to 120 degrees F.

Phase 4

Allow the meat relaxation for 10 minutes, then slice it skinny, chopping throughout the grain. Distribute remaining butter on the buns and toast for about 4 minutes in an oven or toaster, until medium darkish. Spread mustard on equally sides of the rolls.

Phase 5

In a modest bowl, carefully toss the arugula in the remaining olive oil, salt, and pepper to coat the leaves, and place on the bottom of the rolls. Divide the steaks evenly amongst the sandwiches and top with the carmelized onions. Complete the with major 50 percent of the rolls.

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