The Best-Ever Burger for Weight Loss

The Best-Ever Burger for Weight Loss

The only problems: You are on a diet program and you never want to blow it with your go-to greasy burger. With our assistance, you do not have to! While some BBQ staples are more challenging to healthify than other folks (like potato chips), this summertime staple isn’t one particular of them. With some rapid and very simple tweaks to your initial recipe, you can remodel a diet plan-derailing hamburger into a meal that will aid you arrive at your excess weight decline goals.

Here’s what you will want to obtain to whip one up:


3-Ounce Grass-Fed 95% Lean Beef Patty: Opting for 95% lean in excess of 85% doesn’t just conserve you six and a 50 % grams of body fat, it also slashes the saturated extra fat in fifty percent and keeps 50 energy off of your plate. Retain the meat from drying out by mixing it with minced button mushrooms and onions. For every cup of meat use a quarter-cup of vegetables—this makes sure you’ll get the proper volume of moisture with out altering the texture. Choose a frozen burger? We suggest Bubba Burger Grass-Fed or Trader Joe’s Grass-Fed Angus Burgers.


Martin’s 100% Full Wheat Potato Rolls: These potato rolls are the ideal vessel for your pounds-decline burger. The full wheat provides a potent fiber punch to keep you satiated, and its seven grams of protein will aid your difficult-acquired lean muscle mass mass.


Kraft Singles 2% Milk Sharp Cheddar: There may possibly be a couple lighter cheeses out there, but they never style like cheese. If you are looking for an all-function burger topper, use this one—just end at a single slice to hold energy in check.


Annie’s Naturals Natural Ketchup: It may expense you an further dollar or two but it’s truly worth springing for organic. Natural tomatoes carry two times as much cancer-battling lycopene as its traditional counterparts, and this version of the typical condiment is cost-free of significant fructose corn syrup, an additive demonstrated to raise urge for food.

Grey Poupon Typical Dijon: This minimal-cal mustard is designed generally from mustard seeds, which are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. Go ahead and increase a teaspoon or two.

Medium Lower-Sodium Pickle: Pickles are minimal-cal, have a strike of fantastic-for-you fiber and are included in unwanted fat– and carb-incinerating vinegar, so no have to have to feel guilty about piling them onto your patty. Be positive you use the small-sodium wide variety to retain bloating and superior blood strain at bay.

THE Total Destruction

320 energy, 9.8 g fats, 4 g sat extra fat, 702 mg sodium, 25.5 g carbs, 4 g fiber, just beneath 10 g sugar, 33 g protein

—not poor at all in comparison to a regular rapidly-meals burger, which can have double the energy and body fat.


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