Is Freeze-Dried Fruit Healthy? This Is How It Compares to Its Fresh Counterpart

Is Freeze-Dried Fruit Healthy? This Is How It Compares to Its Fresh Counterpart

Fruit is frequently imagined of as nature’s candy: it’s scrumptious, wholesome, and sweetened with all-organic sugars. Regretably, fruit in all forms has arrive less than speculation, due to the fact reported organic sugars—which are manufactured up of a combination of sucrose, fructose, and glucose—are in some cases perplexed for refined sugars derived and processed from sugar cane and/or sugar beets. Fortunately, these myths are steadily staying debunked 1 by one.

Even so, frozen fruits have been tested time and again to preserve vitamins and minerals, and dried fruit has been cleared as fine for snacking, as prolonged as you’re mindful of portion sizes and achieving for the unsweetened variety. So what’s the 411 on freeze-dried fruits? Are they nutritious? Do they, way too, maintain the vitamins of freshly picked choices? Here’s every thing you require to know.

What is freeze-dried fruit, and how is it manufactured?

In accordance to Gabby Geerts, a registered dietitian at Environmentally friendly Chef,  the freeze-drying procedure is exclusive since the fruit undergoes sublimation, in which frozen water is evaporated right from ice to drinking water vapor, removing 99% of moisture from the fruit, with no ever having to enter a liquid section.

Here’s how it performs: “[Fruit] is put within a vacuum chamber where the temperature is beneath freezing,” Geerts describes. “The temperature is little by little elevated, and the strong water molecules enter a gaseous state without ever turning into a liquid.” In accomplishing so, the composition of the fruit, as well as its dietary benefit, is preserved.

How does freeze-dried fruit assess nutritionally to frozen and dried fruits?

When refreshing fruit is of course the ideal choice, Lindsey Kane, RD for Sunlight Basket, states freeze-dried and frozen fruits are essentially your up coming best guess in conditions of diet. In actuality, “frozen and freeze-dried fruit are frequently additional nutrient-dense than their fresh new counterparts because they are harvested while in-year and quickly flash-frozen or freeze-dried to lock in all of its excellent-for-you nutrients,” Kane clarifies.

What is additional, in comparison to dried fruit that “only eliminates about 75-95% of dampness through simple dehydration,” which is “often connected with a decline of vitamins A and C, thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin,” Geerts explains that freeze-dried fruit maintains most of its nutrients, conserve for fiber and vitamin C, as fiber is contained in the mobile walls and pores and skin of fruit, when vitamin C is water-soluble and speedily broken down. In addition, freeze-dried fruit is bursting with purely natural taste, so it doesn’t want to be sprinkled with additives or more sugar to remember to your flavor buds.

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What are the rewards of consuming freeze-dried fruit?

Greg McMullen, the founder of Everipe, a plant-primarily based, superfood smoothie organization, states that he and co-founder Kerry Roberts Sneyd decided to make their model using freeze-dried fruits and veggies for the reason that of their a lot of benefits—nutritional and normally.

“Once our discovery process led us to freeze-dried, with all of its benefits, we received enthusiastic about the probable [to create a product with] an extended shelf everyday living, [that can be] saved in your pantry, [is] moveable, and provides all the sensory moments (visible, smell) that I’d been missing in powders,” he clarifies. “All these gains layered completely on top rated of our all round purpose to help folks take in and come to feel their finest effortlessly.”


Fruit is naturally bursting with taste, and freeze-dried fruit packs just as gratifying of a punch, irrespective of all the actions it goes by way of. So if you had been uncertain what would pair greatest with freeze-dried fruit, just know it is the identical foods you would pair with new fruit!


“In concept, freeze-dried elements can store for decades,” McMullen states. The reward of freeze-dried fruits, in standard, is that due to the fact they can are living in your pantry, selecting freeze-dried fruits for smoothies about cumbersome bags of frozen fruit saves you house in your freezer, and they’re generally commonly available when you’re on the lookout for anything nutritious.


Not only do freeze-dried fruits take up negligible house in your pantry, but they’re also light-weight, moveable, and, as a outcome, perfect for vacation. Everipe’s freeze-dried smoothie packets, for case in point, are versatile mainly because you can take in them out of the bag as a snack, sprinkle them in excess of incredibly hot oatmeal in the morning for a raise of superfoods, or, take a web site from Everipe’s reserve and create smoothies on-the-go.

Do procedure fruits essentially have a lot more sugar than fresh fruit?

Processed fruits, like freeze-dried or unsweetened dried fruits, get a negative rap for allegedly getting quite the sugar bomb, but Kane would like to set that rumor to relaxation.

“One of the typical misconceptions is that freeze-dried or dried fruit (unsweetened) has additional sugar than refreshing fruit. That basically is not legitimate,” she suggests, revealing that the genuine difference is in the big difference is the focus of sugars, not the total of sugar.

“During the freeze-drying system, humidity is eliminated from the fruit, which indicates the fruit shrinks in measurement, and, in turn, concentrates the sugar content and tends to make it less difficult to consume much more servings in one particular sitting down than had it been eaten in its new form,” Kane says. To put it into viewpoint, Kane says to visualize a bunch of 20 grapes subsequent to a tiny handful of 20 raisins. “Both of these snacks contain the same total of sugar,” she explains, but the distinction is how the fruits make you come to feel after use.

“The typical human being would most likely snack on 20 grapes above a program of 10 minutes, and stroll absent feeling relatively total. As for 20 raisins, the common individual could very likely consume this snack in 1 minute, and continue to truly feel fairly hungry, likely achieving for much more raisins,” Kane suggests. In other phrases, (unsweetened) dried or freeze-dried fruit does not have a bigger sugar content than clean fruit, but it is less complicated to eat it in greater portions, yielding a bigger concentrated quantity of sugar, in a shorter interval of time.

So, mainly because it’s simpler to digest much more, the option is to be extra mindful of your portions. Kane also indicates pairing freeze-dried fruits with some protein and nutritious fat, like a handful of almonds, to assistance you keep on monitor, and take in a a lot more properly-rounded snack or food.

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