42 Food Questions from Millennials—Answered in 5 Words or Less

42 Food Questions from Millennials—Answered in 5 Words or Less

“Google it.” It’s the answer to everything—and the unspoken response behind the blank stare of anyone under the age of 35 who has ever been interrupted by someone asking, well, anything Google-able. But when it comes to eating—millennials’ (arguably) favorite topic—there are a bunch of pressing food questions that they just want a lightning-quick answer to so they’re not totally in the dark. Yes, your average 20-something could probably sprint circles around his or her parents when it comes to healthy eating, but the endless amount of information popping up on everyone’s feeds gets overwhelming. And regardless of age, a lot of people have more questions than we have time to stop and type out a phrase.

So, with that in mind, we’ve answered 42 food-related questions that we’ve recently received from millennials—in five words or less. Your move, Goog.

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Q: What’s pesticide drift?

A: Polluted air from non-organic farms


Q: MSG is bad but why exactly?

A: It blocks “I’m full” hormones.

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Q: I’m not about to count calories but how do I not eat too many?

A: Don’t drink them.


Q: Are food trucks regulated and safe to order from?

A: Better than some restaurants, actually


Q: What’s umami?

A: A savory flavor


Q: Why is Sriracha so delicious?

A: The chile peppers release endorphins.


Q: I’m doing a juice cleanse no matter what. So which one should I do?

A: One developed by a nutritionist


Q: Should I go gluten-free if I don’t have celiac disease?

A: No, just eat less gluten.


Q: Which foods should I always buy organic?

A: Whenever you’re eating the skin


Q: How is an entreé different than a main? How is an appetizer different than a starter?

A: They’re not.


Q: What’s the cheapest, healthiest place to eat at?

A: Home. (Yours, not the parents’.)


Q: When will fast food places like McDonald’s go out of business?

A: Probably never, but they’re evolving


Q: How can I get my significant other not to be on the phone during dinner?

A: Keep yours out of sight.


Q: Should I really eat three meals a day?

A: Nah. Just don’t frequently starve.


Q: How can I fit in a workout when I’m in the office after hours every night?

A: Start taking the stairs.


Q: What are the hottest ethnic foods to eat right now?

A: Anything Vietnamese


Q: How can I eat sugar and not get fat or feel guilty?

A: Pair it with fiber.

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Q: So many foods are branded as healthy, whole grain, fat-free, etc. Which claims should I be looking for above anything else?

A: Whole grain; no added sugar


Q: Do diets actually work for anyone?

A: Only as short term solutions


Q: What’s the best photo angle for my food Instagram?

A: Usually directly above


Q: What are small plates?

A: Tapas. Order several and share!


Q: What the heck is a tea-tox?

A: An example: Kelly Choi’s book


Q: Full-fat dairy seems to be trending. Should I eat it? I grew up on 1% and skim.

A: Organic 1% is best.


Q: My parents eat horribly. How do I nudge them in the right direction?

A: Suggest something like Blue Apron.


Q: How do I get people off my back when I want to be healthy and don’t want to drink?

A: Smile and change the subject.


Q: What’s the easiest way to avoid getting fat from take-out? I eat it 24/7.

A: Sauce on the side


Q: Are the cricket protein bars legit?

A: Yep, but watch the sugar.

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Q: How can I save money when grocery shopping?

A: Shop produce that’s in season.


Q: How do I get out of evenly splitting the group check when I barely ordered anything?

A: Cash, baby, cash


Q: How do I split the bill on a date?

A: Pay half, none, or all.


Q: What is souping?

A: Like juicing, but more satisfying


Q: Are chia seeds the same thing as the stuff for chia pets?

A: Yep. Long live the ’80s!

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Q: Should I stop buying bottled water?

A: Yes, unless you’re dehydrated


Q: Everyone says chocolate is good for me. Is milk chocolate just as good as dark chocolate?

A: No. Choose 70%+ cacao.


Q: What is artisanal?

A: Handmade and with artistic care


Q: What’s Whole30?

A: Learning how foods affect you


Q: Grass-fed or grain-fed beef?

A: Grass-fed


Q: Which meal is most worth skipping?

A: Anything but lunch


Q: What percentage of my meals should I cook?

A: Should: 100% More reasonable: 75%+


Q: What percentage of my meals should I order out?

A: Should: 0% More reasonable: < 25%


Q: Do higher priced foods mean they are the best quality for me?

A: Not necessarily; acknowledge health halos


Q: What are ways I can use a mason jar?

A: Salads, overnight oats, yogurt parfaits…

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