Are Rice Cakes as Healthy as People Think They Are?

Are Rice Cakes as Healthy as People Think They Are?

Believe of classic treats, and rice cakes most very likely make the list. Crispy, crunchy, and lower in calories, rice cakes are often touted as an simple snack that will not depart you emotion stuffed among meals. But are rice cakes nutritious?

We asked a nutritionist about the execs and disadvantages of rice cakes and if they are essentially very good for you, in addition how you can put together them so they supply a lot more well being rewards.

Nutritionally talking, what’s nutritious about rice cakes?

In general, rice cakes are inclined to be built from minimal components. Contrary to other processed treats that can occur with a laundry checklist of unrecognizable ingredients, rice cakes can be manufactured from brown rice—and nothing at all else. They’re also tremendous reduced in energy.

“One serving frequently includes 60-100 calories, so they’re wonderful for people who like to take in anything crunchy, but may possibly typically choose a a lot less nutritious snack, like potato chips,” states Frances Largeman-Roth, RDN, nutrition and wellness qualified and author of Taking in in Shade. Yet another advantage: “Rice cakes are minimal in sodium at about 35 to 70 milligrams per serving, which is a lot much less than other crunchy snacks.” Sodium-totally free solutions are also commonly out there.

Ok, so what’s not so excellent about them?

Dependent on the style you obtain, they might have included sugars or synthetic flavors. “Avoid the types with chocolate drizzle and other sweet flavors,” endorses Largeman-Roth. “They really don’t have that considerably sugar for each rice cake, but if you take in many of them, it can add up to 12 to 15 grams of sugar.”

Instead, decide for unflavored, lightly salted rice cakes built from brown rice and other grains, like quinoa. “You’ll get a small protein from the quinoa and a bit far more fiber from the brown rice,” suggests Largeman-Roth.

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What are healthy toppings that can be included to rice cakes to make them a lot more filling?

It is no top secret that when eaten on their possess, rice cakes are not remotely filling (not to point out very bland). In order for them to actually satiate you concerning meals, toppings are a have to. In accordance to Largeman-Roth, avocado tops the record (you are welcome).

“Avocados are just about the only fruit with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, aka the very good fats,” she suggests. The two forms can lead to your over-all fats ingestion without having elevating LDL (poor) cholesterol stages like saturated and trans fats discovered in animal products and solutions and processed meals can do.

“Avocados are also a great resource of fiber,” notes Largeman-Roth. “Dietary fiber provides bulk to the diet plan and can help you come to feel fuller more quickly, which can improve satiety and support take care of bodyweight.”

Not in really like with avocado? Spread some hummus on rice cakes for a hit of plant-based protein. If you’re craving a thing sweet, try out topping a rice cake with almond butter, crushed contemporary raspberries, and a sprint of cinnamon for a more healthy just take on your classic PB&J.

Bottom line: Are rice cakes wholesome and a strong snack preference?

Though not a horrible choice, over-all, you could do way much better. Most individuals aren’t dedicated to crafting a heartier rice cake with intelligent toppings, so likelihood are superior they may sit down and accidentally try to eat fifty percent a sleeve of them, claims Largeman-Roth. “For individuals men and women, I recommend going straight to a [snack that pairs] healthier extra fat and fiber, like avocado on sweet potato toast or grapes and almond butter,” she extra. Not only will these solutions up your fruit and veggie consumption for the working day, but they’ll also keep you pleased for more time. Since the fewer hanger, the greater.

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