The One Food You Should Never Put Directly on a Grill Is Bacon

The One Food You Should Never Put Directly on a Grill Is Bacon

Grilling is not just for burgers, steaks, and fish. There are a lot of other foods that style mouth watering with grill marks these as pineapple rings, artichoke hearts, and certainly, even slices of pound cake. However, there are a few meals that you may possibly want to think about in no way putting instantly on a grill, mostly mainly because they could grow to be a protection hazard. There’s just one food items, in specific, we’ve observed that could likely pose a menace to your safety if you’re not mindful: bacon.

We consulted Meredith Carothers, the technical information professional at the USDA’s Foodstuff Security and Inspection Support, to find out a lot more about why putting bacon on the grill could not be the most secure go.

Why need to you under no circumstances set bacon directly on the grill?

Bacon is inherently lined with strips of extra fat, which is what can make it such a greasy foodstuff soon after it’s been cooked to a crisp. If you’ve cooked bacon on a skillet, you know just how a lot grease 1 pound of the mouth watering meals can make. (By the way, that grease should really never ever be poured down the drain.) On a grill although, there is only one particular position for that grease to go—down—and it can virtually gas the fireplace on your grill.

“Bacon will often emit grease when cooking, and that grease can be extremely flammable,” says Carothers. “Therefore, it is not protected to location the bacon right on the grates of a grill owing to the fire hazard of grease dripping.”

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Fortunately, there are different approaches you can grill bacon safely without the need of working the threat of scorching on your own.

What are some techniques you can safely grill bacon?

“There are external pans you can use to place right on a grill. You will just want to make absolutely sure there are no holes that would allow grease to drip,” she suggests. “You can use a stovetop grill pan. This will obtain a incredibly similar influence of grilling, but with no the hearth hazard of grease dripping.”

Listed here are two examples of pans that can make grilling bacon protected.

1. Lodge Sq. Cast Iron Grill Pan

square cast iron grill pan


2. Bruntmor 13-Inch Square Forged Iron Grill Pan

cast iron grill pan


Any other bacon-grilling basic safety tips?

“Always be cautious when dealing with flammable objects! It is usually ideal to cook bacon in an setting the place the grease can be managed,” advises Carothers.

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