Does Chewing Gum Help You Lose Weight?

Does Chewing Gum Help You Lose Weight?

You most likely have your preferred taste when it will come to your gum of choice—you may go common peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon, or bubble gum. The flavors are endless, but the enjoyment of chewing gum does not just halt at which flavor you decide up.

In truth, quite a few individuals depend on chewing gum for fat decline. Some say it aids them manage cravings. For other people, it retains them from taking in in any other case calorie-laden junk. But the discussion about whether chewing gum is a legit (and wholesome) fat loss technique is much more encompassing than a “yes” or “no” remedy.

“There is mixed data on no matter whether chewing gum can generate fat reduction,” claims Danielle Staub, MS, RD, CDN, Medical Dietitian at New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Professional medical Centre.

Breaking down the distinct sides of the discussion, let’s appear at the evidence that supports—or refutes—whether chewing gum can aid you drop bodyweight.

1st, the positives: proof that chewing gum supports fat loss.

“Chewing gum may perhaps support in weight loss by lessening cravings and subsequent calorie ingestion, raising energy expenditure and by reducing stress concentrations,” states Staub.

A person of chewing gum’s biggest benefits is its capability to aid with conduct modification when it will come to mindless taking in.

“For some men and women, it can be truly beneficial in weight reduction if you wrestle with senseless feeding on. If you gravitate towards pantry-centered items that are entire of vacant calories, then that’s a wonderful time to swap that conduct for a piece of gum,” suggests Jessica Crandall Snyder, RDN, registered dietitian nutritionist at Crucial RD.

Or if you’re a significant snacker (who specially craves sweet issues), gum can be a no-brainer to cut sugar cravings and merely continue to keep your mouth preoccupied.

“Chewing gum may be a valuable resource for someone who constantly feels the have to have to snack or who regularly engages in psychological ingesting. It can be used to distract somebody from mindlessly ingesting outside the house of scheduled feeding on periods and can potentially minimize cravings for sweets,” suggests Staub.

“For persons who are likely to eat when they are pressured, chewing a piece of gum could provide a very good (calorie-totally free) option,” she provides.

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Does chewing gum make you excess fat or stifle body weight loss development?

But chewing gum to assistance you get rid of fat could also appear with some negatives.

“According to a person study, chewing gum may possibly possibly discourage consumption of fruit and cut down diet regime top quality,” states Staub.

Of program, if you are skipping foods and hoping that gum will supply some form of relief from hunger, this is not a wholesome excess weight-loss strategy.

“For some persons chewing gum amongst foods can support to cut down grazing and manage cravings. Nevertheless, a lot of individuals gain from consuming prepared snacks throughout the working day as a way to stabilize energy and avert cravings,” claims Staub. “We really should make sure to not swap out purposeful snacks for a adhere of chewing gum as this may possibly derail body weight reduction initiatives in the long operate.”

And gum can also mess with your gut.

“For all those who have digestive complaints such as bloating or gas, chewing gum may not be the finest possibility. Chewing often introduces a lot more air into your GI tract,” says Staub.

While sugar-absolutely free gum is also minimal in calories, the synthetic sweeteners identified in most are also controversial when it arrives to intestine health.

“Most gums incorporate synthetic sweeteners which can disturb the intestine microbiome, and probably guide to enhanced hunger alerts and enhanced fats storage,” states Monica Auslander Moreno, MS, RD, LD/N, nourishment guide for RSP Diet.

If your sugar-free gum contains sugar alcohols as a sweetener, it could also leave your abdomen upset.

“Furthermore, sugar-totally free gum includes sugar alcohols, which can ferment in the GI tract and trigger gasoline, bloating and alteration in bowel movements,” claims Staub.

Which gum is the best?

If you are looking to do the job on aware consuming concerning or after foods, adhere with mint gum.

“Mint flavored gum has additional palate-cleaning attributes (that could lower cravings),” says Crandall Snyder.

Although you could want to keep away from these with synthetic sweeteners, those with sugar alcohols may even now be the most effective option based on your stomach. But if they bloat you, go with a gum that has the least amount of added sugar.

“Sugar-no cost gum is a superior alternative if you can tolerate sugar alcohols. There are purely natural gums on the market place that have minimum additional sugar as very well,” suggests Staub.

Base line: “There is practically nothing inherent, ingredient-smart, in gum that would foster excess weight loss,” suggests Auslander Moreno.

However, if you can swap out a “bad” behavior (like mindless or psychological taking in) for a person that saves you from crushing more energy or additional sugar, chewing gum could have an affect on your bodyweight decline.


“[Chewing gum] may well be great for some, but not for other people when it arrives to pounds reduction. It is vital to note that chewing gum on its possess is not likely to end result in major pounds reduction except you also work on increasing dietary patterns and incorporating routine exercising,” says Staub.

If you’re truly wanting to shed fat, popping in a adhere of gum just won’t reduce it in the extensive run.

“Planning in advance foods and treats can be incredibly handy for individuals attempting to get rid of pounds,” claims Staub. “Eating on a frequent agenda and averting meal skipping is also critical for holding secure energy and lessening cravings in the course of the working day, as is consuming loads of drinking water.”

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