We Cooked Bacon Different Ways—and This Was The Tastiest

We Cooked Bacon Different Ways—and This Was The Tastiest

Rising up, my mom was usually the master of cooking breakfast with the microwave. I was generally impressed at how she could cook dinner a big bowl of scrambled eggs, adopted by a plate of bacon, working with the modest minimal microwave in our kitchen area. Soon after observing her magical microwave ways, I generally settled for cooking bacon in the microwave as I received older. It seemed like the most practical system, and honestly, the least difficult strategy for cleaning up grease.

But now that I’m, what a person might deem, an educated food items editor, I experienced to dilemma my former imagining: Was cooking bacon in the microwave definitely the best way to do it? Not in terms of cleansing, for the reason that we all know bacon just receives messy and wafts in your kitchen area for days. But in terms of flavor, is microwave truly king? Or are the other two methods—stovetop and oven—the far better methods? And no, you do not want to grill bacon. Have faith in us.

I put this logic to the test by cooking bacon a few unique approaches. Here’s what I have concluded to be the tastiest way to cook dinner bacon.

Third place: Stovetop

bacon on the stovetop in a cast iron skillet

Whilst this appears to be the common way to prepare dinner a number of slices of bacon, cooking bacon on the stovetop was unquestionably not up to par in comparison to the microwave or the oven. To cook the bacon, I used a solid-iron skillet about medium-lower warmth. I viewed the bacon as it cooked, flipping the slices when it seemed correct to flip—usually immediately after two or a few minutes. Immediately after the initial flip, the bacon was continue to uncooked. When it was prepared to flip once again, the bacon on the prime however appeared raw. But when I flipped it, the bottom was almost charred.

Now I confess, I am not an expert at cooking bacon the stovetop, I have only completed it a handful of situations. Seemingly, bacon requires an even reduced heat to cook dinner on a stovetop and a lengthier period of time of time. However, if bacon on the stovetop is going to be that fickle compared to the relieve of cooking it in the microwave or oven, it seems pretty much pointless to cook dinner bacon employing this technique.

Once the bacon was taken out from the pan, there were being several pieces that have been nevertheless entirely uncooked—while other parts of the slice ended up burnt to a crisp. It tasted fine—still salty and crispy like a slice of bacon—but it definitely was not that pleasurable to take in.

Second place: Microwave

bacon from the microwave on a dish

I confess, feeding on bacon cooked from the microwave does spark a trace of nostalgia for me. But immediately after tasting all a few designs together, I essentially don’t imagine this is the greatest way to cook bacon. I find that cooking the bacon for 3 minutes, waiting for 30 seconds, then cooking it for 1 extra moment will make the bacon that excellent, crispy texture that I like. Nonetheless, components of the slice had been not extensively cooked all the way. I observed myself obtaining some delectable bites of the bacon, while other bites were chewier, which manufactured it challenging to even bite all the way by.

While cooking in the microwave seems less complicated to manage compared to the stovetop, it didn’t conclude up at the top of my list. There was even now some inconsistency in the bacon’s cooked texture, docking it to next put general.

First put: Oven

bacon from the stove

It may consider lengthier to cook dinner bacon in this way, but actually, it’s really worth the wait around. Bacon from the oven is flawlessly crispy and greasy, just like what I would hope from a diner. The texture is constant, and there were being no areas of the bacon still left uncooked—each piece was cooked evenly.

To cook dinner bacon in the oven, area a piece of parchment paper on a baking sheet. Lay down the slices, and bake it in a 400-diploma pre-heated oven for about 20 minutes. If you like a chewier bacon, look at it at 15 minutes and see if it is to your liking.

the three styles of cooking bacon compared on a plate

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