How to Make Homemade Ice Cream (Without a Machine!)

How to Make Homemade Ice Cream (Without a Machine!)

Have I pointed out how substantially I love ice product? I constantly appreciate obtaining scoops on a cone for the duration of the summertime, or if I was fortunate ample, a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard from the Dairy Queen in town. I even worked at Dairy Queen in large faculty, giving me the opportunity to try to eat ice product when I needed. So you have to imagine my sheer pleasure when I uncovered out that not only can I make ice cream at house without the need of a device, but that it can be quickly done with 3 elements.

That is suitable, just three ingredients! When I very first arrived throughout this idea, I was baffled. It appeared practically also superior to be real! I was skeptical as I threw collectively my initially batch of homemade vanilla ice product, but to my utter amazement, creating the ice product was genuinely that straightforward.

So if you are on the lookout for an uncomplicated dessert that will wow a group, this handmade ice product recipe will do just the trick. Provide out all the sauces, sprinkles, and candy toppings, and you can have you the greatest ice cream sundae extravaganza!

Home made Ice Product Recipe

Makes 6-8 servings


The three ingredients needed to make homemade ice cream

2 cups significant whipping product
1 14 oz. can sweet condensed milk
1 tsp. vanilla flavoring

How to Make It


Whip the whipping cream with a mixer

Prepared whipped cream in a stand mixer.

Pour the whipping cream into a bowl or a stand mixer. Mix on superior velocity until finally stiff peaks start out to kind. You’ll know the whipped cream has “stiff peaks” when you elevate the mixer out of the bowl and the whipped product peaks can stand on their own. This took me about 5 minutes to get the product to that fantastic consistency. On the other hand, you really do not want to overwhip the cream, so make positive to view it closely. You don’t want it to get clumpy or rigid.


Combine the flavoring and milk

Sweet condensed milk mixed with vanilla flavoring

In a tiny bowl, mix jointly the vanilla flavoring and the sweet condensed milk. If you plan on trying unique flavorings, this is the phase to do it. Substitute for vanilla with mint, almond, or other flavorings you motivation. You can also use food stuff coloring in this article, if you desire.


Fold in the milk mixture bit by bit

Mixing ingredients for homemade ice cream

You will want to do this slowly and gradually! I spooned in a compact total of milk at a time and folded it into the whipped product. Continue on this phase right up until all of the milk has been folded into the whipped cream. But yet again, don’t overbeat it! You want it to really feel gentle. The mixture will get soupier in this step, never be alarmed.


Spread into a glass casserole dish

Spreading ice cream mixture into a glass dish

Applying a glass casserole dish (or a deep glass pie dish), spread the ice product mixture out with a spatula.


Freeze for 6 several hours

Finished ice cream with a scoop and sprinkles

Shift the ice product to the freezer (uncovered) and freeze for at minimum 6 hours. You can consider it faster (I would say 4 hours least), but I individually find the ice product has a good hold soon after 6 hours.

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Selfmade Ice Product – Whole Recipe

  1. Whip the whipping product with a hand or stand mixer on substantial velocity. Blend right until rigid peaks sort, close to 5 minutes. Do not overwhip—the whipped cream will get rigid.
  2. In a more compact bowl, blend jointly the sweet condensed milk and vanilla flavoring.
  3. Making use of a spatula, little by little fold in the milk mixture into the whipped cream. Add the milk combination a spoonful at a time.
  4. Unfold into a glass casserole dish, and freeze uncovered for 6 hrs.
  5. Scoop and increase ideal toppings!
Scoop of homemade ice cream in a bowl

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