Quick & Easy Vegetarian Rice Bowl Recipe

Quick & Easy Vegetarian Rice Bowl Recipe

It’s time for dinner, and you’re starving. Even though ordering some Chinese takeout could audio like the most straightforward shift, obtaining to wait 45 minutes in advance of having doesn’t particularly audio like the quickest selection. So why not satisfy your craving with this simple vegetarian rice bowl alternatively?

Not only is this recipe quick to make, but it will only consider 10 minutes to throw it alongside one another. Sure, seriously, 10 minutes! It is remarkable what a bundle of fast rice can do. Employing only a couple important substances, you’ll have your individual at-dwelling variation of Chinese foodstuff without the need of getting to hold out.

Although the egg in this individual recipe is sunny-aspect-up, you could cook dinner the egg any way you like. Have it fried, or scramble it up! On the other hand, if you have some additional time, I like to scramble up the egg with the rice mixture suitable on the skillet. It will give the rice a semi-fried rice regularity that can virtually rival your go-to Chinese get.

Now, this recipe employs a smaller total of soy sauce. One particular teaspoon of soy sauce does have 177 milligrams of sodium in it, which is higher for these types of a tiny total. If you are someone who’s seeking to minimize again on sodium, it may be wise to combine in a various form of sauce. Or if you would relatively hold the sodium material gentle, only add in some seasonings to give it some additional flavor. Ginger and garlic salt are good seasonings to throw in.

Nonetheless, the soy sauce does give the rice and veggies that Chinese-takeout taste we know and enjoy. I also like to give my veggie rice bowl a small kick with some Sriracha. Sprinkle on a minor more salt and pepper, and dinner is served with this vegetarian rice bowl recipe!

Will make 1 serving


1 package instantaneous rice (I like employing Moment Rice)
1 steam-in-bag vegetables pouch (I like utilizing combined vegetables)
1 egg
1 teaspoon soy sauce
Sriracha, optional

How to Make It

  1. Cook dinner the rice in accordance to the packaging guidelines. Afterward, cook dinner the vegetables.
  2. Heat up a little amount of butter on a skillet. Cook the egg to your liking. If you choose a sunny-aspect-up egg, cook dinner the egg on just one aspect right up until the whites are no more time runny.
  3. Mix the rice and vegetables in a bowl with the soy sauce. Location the egg on prime.
  4. Incorporate Sriracha, if desired!

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