Mezcal vs. Tequila—What Are the Differences?

Mezcal vs. Tequila—What Are the Differences?

When you’re at the bar scanning the cocktail menu, do you at any time end and consider to by yourself what is the variance in between mezcal and tequila? If you happen to be not a real tequila aficionado, you may possibly not know the difference between the two liquors offhand, aside from the truth that they, effectively, style various.

We spoke with the co-founder of Sesión Premium Tequila, Jake Wall, to resolve the mezcal vs. tequila discussion once and for all so you never have to ponder the discrepancies between the two similar-hunting liquors at any time yet again.

What are the crucial variations in mezcal vs. tequila?

There are two key discrepancies involving mezcal and tequila, and that is exactly where they’re made and the variety of agave plant they’re built from.

Wall claims that tequila must be designed in the city of Tequila, which resides in the point out of Jalisco, Mexico.

“The tequila-building approach is strictly authorities sanctioned all the way from exactly where it can be grown, the agave type, the fermentation and ageing method, to where it truly is bottled,” he points out.

Premium tequila is manufactured from 100 % blue agave. Mezcal, on the other hand, can be made everywhere in Mexico, despite the fact that it is really mainly made in the Oaxaca area. Wall states mezcal can be built from up to 28 different varieties of agave.

“Most mezcals are produced from the Espadin agave, although some mezcal producers mix agave kinds and additives to produce a distinctive smoky flavor,” claims Wall.

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Does the alcohol content vary in mezcal and tequila?

“Normally, if it can be 100 percent agave tequila or mezcal, then the alcohol content is 40 per cent ABV, even though in some conditions it can be a little lower if it’s combined with any additives and not strictly 100 p.c agave,” he says.

Uncomplicated tequila cocktail recipe

Wall gives his recipe for a tequila-based mostly Paloma cocktail.


  • 2 oz. Sesión Reposado Tequila
  • 1/3 oz. rhubarb & vanilla syrup
  • 2 oz. new pink grapefruit juice
  • 1/3 oz. new lime juice


Shake all elements, pour over ice, and top with soda h2o. Garnish with a salt rim and dehydrated lime. Take pleasure in!

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