What Is Millet and How Do You Cook It?

What Is Millet and How Do You Cook It?

There is a multitude of grains growing all over the entire world this sort of as quinoa, sorghum, and teff. There is one particular certain grain that does not get as much recognition, even although it truly is believed to have about 6,000 kinds and is viewed as a person of the oldest in the environment. Still, it only recently skilled a resurgence of fascination in the U.S. Indeed, the grain we are referring to is millet.

So you will find a probability you might be wanting to know what particularly is millet? Recipe developer and wellness writer Beth Lipton is acquainted with the grain, so we termed on her to give us more perception on what it is and how to cook it the right way.

What is millet?

“Millet is technically a seed, but it can be mainly promoted as a gluten-free total grain,” suggests Lipton.

When you hear the phrase millet, the 1st issue you may perhaps believe of birdseed, as it is really 1 of the key components. Although it may well be acknowledged as food stuff for the birds in the U.S., in different other international locations, it is regarded as a staple.

Labeled as an historical grain like quinoa, millet is really a quarter of the charge, producing it substantially much more economical to make in more substantial quantities. Very similar to several other whole grains, it can be procured in either its accurate variety as a grain, as flakes, and even ground as flour.

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What does millet taste like, just?

“Millet is pretty gentle, with a slight sweetness and a hint of nuttiness,” says Lipton. “It will not have a extremely distinct taste on its individual it will acquire on the flavor of what it is really cooked in or with.”

Compared with most other grains—namely farro and buckwheat—millet has a fluffy texture as soon as cooked relatively than a chewy one particular.

How do you cook dinner millet?

Lipton claims that millet is cooked like rice. She delivers some very simple recommendations to help get you commenced.


  1. Rinse and drain a single cup of dry millet.
  2. Heat a few of teaspoons of olive oil in a pan, add the millet and prepare dinner more than medium heat, stirring, until finally the drinking water has evaporated and the millet is starting to flippantly toast and scent nutty. About three minutes.
  3. Incorporate 2 cups h2o (or broth, or a combo) and a number of pinches of salt, bring to a boil, then minimize the heat to a simmer, protect and cook undisturbed right up until the millet is tender. About 20 minutes.
  4. Choose it off the warmth and enable it stand with the cover on for five minutes (will not stir still). Flavor it and make positive you like the consistency (enable it steam for a few additional minutes, if not), drain off any remaining h2o and you happen to be very good to go.

What dishes can you prepare millet in?

“When I was in culinary school at Normal Gourmet Institute, we employed to make a breakfast porridge out of millet,” claims Lipton. “You can also use it any where you would use rice, so attempt it in your favored pilaf, or even below a stir-fry.”

Hopefully, now you have a good being familiar with of what millet is and how you can cook dinner with it.


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