What Is Chicory Root? The Fiber-Rich Food You’re Seeing Everywhere

What Is Chicory Root? The Fiber-Rich Food You're Seeing Everywhere

More reporting by Kelsey Hampton, MS, RDN, LD, CSSD

If you’ve read the component list on your protein bar lately, you may well have viewed “chicory root,” “chicory root fiber,” “chicory root extract,” “chicory fiber syrup,” or “chicory inulin” detailed. And that most likely landed you right here. So, what is this root and why is it suddenly in everything from snack bars to cereals? From utilization to sources, benefits and side results, here is what you require to know about this fiber-rich food items.

What is chicory root?

When chicory root has been close to for generations, it’s only received popularity amongst foods suppliers and the public in the latest years.

Broadly developed in Northwestern Europe, chicory is a leafy plant that we harvest for its roots and leaves.

The roots are common owing to their high soluble fiber content, specially, inulin. Inulin is a purely natural soluble dietary fiber: a kind of fiber that dissolves in drinking water, slowing down digestion, preserving you fuller lengthier, balancing blood sugar, and lowering cholesterol. Producers extract inulin from normal sources to use as a purposeful fiber to improve fiber content of processed foodstuff.

Chicory root is a single of the most popular resources of inulin other inulin-wealthy foodstuff include things like Jerusalem artichokes, onion, garlic, and leeks.

Individuals also eat chicory leaves, which are equivalent in condition to dandelion leaves. Besides staying processed into an isolated fiber, the roots can also be boiled and consumed on their individual.

Individuals typically confuse endive, Cichorium endivia, for chicory root. Though the two are in the exact genus, makers extract the root fiber from the typical chicory plant, Cichorium intybus, and not from the endive species.

What is it applied for?

Chicory coffee

Just one of the first uses of chicory roots seems to be as a coffee option throughout intervals of coffee shortage hundreds of years back. Though chicory alone does not have caffeine, like coffee beans, it does have a extremely related flavor. So, for people wanting a espresso correct when keeping aware of caffeine, chicory root espresso may possibly be a very good alternative. Persons dry and floor the chicory root to build this coffee substitute.

These days, the use of chicory root in food items and beverage is considerably beyond just a espresso substitution. Exterior of dietary resources, some even use it in very concentrated types for medicinal functions. Though some may possibly utilize a paste of chicory topically to cut down inflammation, some others may eat it for gallbladder and liver disorders, and substantial blood strain.

Presently, we want extra proof to figure out the real usefulness of chicory on these problems. We do, nonetheless, have plenty of optimistic study that connects chicory with enhancing digestive wellbeing.

What are the overall health added benefits of chicory root?

While there has been no shortage of data and protection surrounding the added benefits of fiber, the inulin from chicory root touts its very own slew of added benefits.

  • Increases digestion: Nutritional fiber, which include that discovered in chicory, can be valuable for the digestive procedure and assist sustain regularity and lessen constipation.
  • Promotes a wholesome gut microbiome: You may perhaps have listened to of probiotics, those dwelling organisms in your intestine that help market very good digestion, amongst other positive aspects, but have you heard of prebiotics? Consider of prebiotics as the foods supply that enables probiotics to thrive. Inulin, uncovered in chicory, is a type of prebiotic, and because of this, it may perhaps aid boost the advancement of these useful probiotic microbes.
  • Encourages standard bowel movements and lowers hazard of colon most cancers: One particular examine famous those who eaten an inulin health supplement made from chicory root had an improve in stool frequency and softness. This is a major profit of chicory root utilization as research has documented rare bowel actions currently being linked with amplified threat for colon cancer.
  • Increases blood sugar regulation: One more profit of inulin is blood sugar manage. In a research carried out with women who had Type 2 diabetic issues, girls who took inulin dietary supplements professional improved fasting blood sugar and enhanced antioxidant potential.

Are there any facet consequences associated with consuming chicory root?

While a number of added benefits of chicory root have been documented, it may possibly not be for everybody. Chicory root is on the Frequently Regarded as Protected (GRAS) listing overseen by the Food items and Drug Administration (Fda), which means it is deemed protected for intake. This refers to the chicory utilised in manufactured food solutions, which is how the vast majority of us may well consume this food stuff.

On the other hand, persons really should be cautious when thinking of consuming chicory in larger, medicinal concentrations. Attainable aspect effects—which are common when consuming a high-fiber diet—may consist of:

  • abdominal ache
  • flatulence
  • bloating
  • belching

At this time, there is minimal analysis on chicory usage for the duration of pregnancy and breastfeeding, so it is suggested to use warning and speak with your health care group prior to making use of chicory root in these eventualities.

Really should you bother having chicory root or are there improved options?

There are several techniques to eat inulin, the fibrous component of chicory involved with many of the previously mentioned benefits. While onion, garlic and leeks consist of inulin as very well, the concentration of inulin located in a manufactured foods product, like a breakfast bar, is very likely better.

All types of fiber are necessary via our diet and accomplishing enough ingestion of this nutrient from many resources, which can include chicory, is great. On the other hand, if facet consequences, like all those shown earlier mentioned, start off to appear, 1 must lower their consumption of chicory root.


Chicory root is often used as a fiber complement included to processed foods and beverage. According to the investigation readily available right now, it is probably secure for usage for the common public.

As a dietitian, I always advocate that the the vast majority of your food—and fiber—intake arrives from foods in its pure state with minor reliance on processed goods. Having said that, if an individual is having difficulties to get satisfactory fiber and a made food items product that contains chicory root can assist them attain their fiber requirements, it is acceptable to integrate these products amongst other superior-good quality meals sources.

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