See Mr. Peanut, 104, “Die” in Hilarious Super Bowl Ad

See Mr. Peanut, 104,

The faithful peanut who has fearlessly represented Planters Peanuts for 104 years took his last monocle-clad blink after he plummeted to his loss of life in the firm’s Super Bowl business. out?v=6UIKq9u6xUM

To say the entire world is salty is an understatement. Just appear at how folks on Twitter are responding to the formal tweet about his demise.

The tweet from The Estate of Mr. Peanut (previously: the official Mr. Peanut account) prompted a domino impact of mourning to ensue amid fellow lovers of the cherished nut.

It was a heroic, on-monitor death. Right after a targeted traffic incident, the legume mascot “sacrificed” himself so actors Matt Walsh (Mike from Veep) and Wesley Snipes (Blade from Blade) could live to see an additional working day.

The social outpouring has been so large that a hashtag, #RIPeanut, has started off to pattern on Twitter. But are the occasions real? Is this genuinely the last time we are going to see the dapper major hat-carrying peanut as the encounter of the most classic peanut corporation out there?

Regrettably, of course. A member of the team has verified his passing as legitimate. It wasn’t a staged act or a convincing theater functionality (as his apparel would propose).

“He will be remembered as the legume who normally brought folks jointly for nutty adventures and a good time,” the enterprise verified. “We persuade supporters to tune in to Mr. Peanut’s funeral all through the 3rd quarter of the Tremendous Bowl to rejoice his lifestyle.”


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