Kim Kardashian’s Favorite Dipping Sauce Has Twitter Fans Very Divided

Kim Kardashian's Favorite Dipping Sauce Has Twitter Fans Very Divided

Some people like to dip their hen nuggets in ketchup other individuals like anything a touch sweeter, these types of as BBQ sauce or honey mustard. But Kim Kardashian’s favorite go-to dipping sauce is throwing her fans into a tizzy.

The actress discovered in McDonald’s most current Well-known Orders advertisement that she dips her rooster nuggets from McDonald’s in the sweetest condiment of them all: honey.

kim kardashian mcdonalds

She further more elaborated on Twitter that it is her most loved way to take in nugs.

And just when you considered it was all a oversight, and that what she seriously meant to have showcased in this online video was honey mustard, she will come back again with this dagger to the heart.

Now, do you see why enthusiasts are spiraling? One enthusiast cried out wanting to know how the actress retains her figure when she is ingesting hen nuggets that are slathered in pure sugar.

To be good, this Twitter person has every suitable to dilemma. One particular container of honey from McDonald’s clocks in at 50 energy and has a whopping 11 grams of sugar, all of which are extra sugars. For perspective, the American Coronary heart Association indicates that females eat no a lot more than 25 grams of included sugar per day to manage excellent heart health and fitness.

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On the other hand, the honey mustard only has 4 grams of extra sugar per serving. But remember…

At least one individual is on Kim K’s side.

No matter if you are pro honey with hen nuggets or not, in the stop, we have no alternative but to Stan.

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