It’s Official—Dunkaroos, Your Favorite Childhood Snack, Are Making a Comeback

It's Official—Dunkaroos, Your Favorite Childhood Snack, Are Making a Comeback

Normal Mills just introduced what could just be the most nostalgia-inducing news of the yr: Dunkaroos are coming back again to supermarkets this summer months.

There was a time when your major get worried was anticipating which snack Mom or Dad determined to slide into your lunchbox. If your mother and father seriously beloved you (remarkable?), they might have slipped a pack of Dunkaroos in there for you to enjoy for dessert, that is just after you loved the primary entrée—a PB&J—and side dish—carrot sticks with ranch dipping sauce.

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If you were a ’90s or even an early 2000s child, this information may occur as a shock. Signs of hearing about the return of Dunkaroos could consist of the following: delighted tears, too much to handle feelings of pleasure, and probably even the slightest trace of denial. But not to fear, it truly is been verified on not just just one, but two platforms: the General Mills enterprise weblog and the formal Dunkaroos Instagram website page.

A person 7 days back, the Instagram web site released with this teaser.


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Nowadays, the Instagram account posted a brief video saying the return of the beloved kangaroo-shaped graham crackers that arrive snuggled alongside one another with a serving of icing in each and every personal package.


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🚨Definitely coming back. Summer 2020.🚨

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When frosted ideas and cassette tapes are most certainly matters of the previous, both of which are very likely hardly ever to return, Dunkaroos have yet to go out of type, and they are hopping into the new ten years with a total new look. Which is right, this variation of Dunkaroos won’t particularly resemble the original snack that debuted in 1992.

Alternatively, the graham crackers will be in the shape of a circle, with a scored define and the product’s initials in its centre. The new and enhanced snack will make its resurgence in the taste that was usually best in need: vanilla cookies with vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles.

All we have to say is, summertime cannot occur before long adequate.

In the exact same spirit, if you want to more reminisce about beloved treats from childhood, check out out 30 McDonald’s Information All ’80s Young children Bear in mind.

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