5 Drool-Worthy Foodie Instagram Accounts to Help Get You Through Self-Quarantine

5 Drool-Worthy Foodie Instagram Accounts to Help Get You Through Self-Quarantine

Self-quarantine—while beneficial to both society and individuals you know and love right now amid the COVID-19 pandemic—feels a little like living in an Instagram feed. We’re talking virtual interactions only. Everything is repetitive. There’s an eery feeling of isolation. And no definitive end in sight…

While living in an Insta-feed leaves a lot to be desired, if you use it right, social media can be a great way to boost your social interactions while you’re stuck at home, and give you some serious foodie inspiration for delicious home-cooked meals, too.

Plus, it can also be a form of restaurant escapism: In lieu of dining out, you can stare and double-tap at the best menu items from luxe restaurants from the comfort of your own home. (Who knew letting our “phones eat first” all these years could come in such handy right now?)

Foodie Instagram accounts are giving us all of the excitement, with none of the expense during these crazy times.

So, when you’re not supporting local businesses by placing a delivery or to-go order, feel free to drool over these five foodie Instagram accounts that will make your feed look so much tastier:




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has anyone else been getting creative with store bought pizza dough during the quarantine? send in pictures of the most creative toppings you’ve come up with! homemade pizza with pancetta, peppers and caramelized onions 🍕🧅🍕🍅🍕 submitted by @alimarieadam . . . . . . . . . #food #foodporn #foodie #homecooked #socialdistancing #covid19 #eeeeeats #eater #foodstagram #mealprep #workfromhome #foodhacks #food #homemade #socialresponsibility #foodphotography #instagood #foodgasm #cooking #recipes #cookingtips #foodies #mealprepideas #workfromhomemeals #homecooking #WFH #pizza

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“Social distancing” has taken over our collective vocabulary, now, let @socialdishtancing take over your IG feed. Created just three days ago, this account is about as old as the quarantine mandate itself (but one is way more fun than the other). Featuring millennial-made meals of all kinds, @socialdishtancing is colorful, honest, and good at following rules: “Be responsible, stay in, DM us your best #WFHmeals to get featured,” is clearly stated in this account’s bio.


No Leftovers


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Upgrading out-of-the-box chocolate fudge brownies…loaded up with sprinkles & oreos.

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When we spend all day less than 10 feet from our pantries, there are definitely no leftovers. With this account’s simple, short, #covid19cooking recipes, @noleftovers helps make sure of that. Throw this account a follow for some foodspo, a surplus of sweets, and relatable content. A recent post from its founder says it best: “So give us comfort food, and let’s stay smart, positive, connected, and get through this together.”


Food Baby NY


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Live footage of Sammy finding out there’s no school for a month. Also as of now the excellent @spyc7206 is still delivering and it’s run by @chefdrlo (chef and actual doctor) who is making sure things are as safe as possible but from here on out it’s probly just toilet paper for dinner JK we haven’t bought any for a few weeks #👶🏽🥡 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 #foodbabylovesspyc

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Another account that was up-and-running pre-pandemic is @foodbabyny, which features the perfect balance of cute babies and delicious food. However the content on this account has been heavily geared toward helping local restaurants stay afloat amid the coronavirus crisis. In the last couple of days, @foodbabyny has encouraged IG users to buy gift cards for local businesses that are struggling.

“Go buy a Nom Wah gift card and email me the receipt,” a post from two days ago reads, “and I’ll randomly pick one of them in 24hrs that I’ll buy a matching gift card for.” The account also posted about a similar giveaway today.

RELATED: Restaurant Industry Expects the Loss of 5 to 7 Million Jobs Due to Coronavirus.


The Sweet Feminist


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happy pie day! Here’s a list of things we can do to take care of each other right now during COVID-19 (choose which ones are right for you based on your situation!): stay home as much as possible if you’re able to, run errands for your older or immunocompromised neighbors, wash your hands (a lot, a lot), support small businesses (order food for delivery or takeout with a big tip, buy artist’s work online), Venmo your friend without paid sick days or who is losing income due to canceled shifts or events, check on your friends/family/coworkers, donate money to a food pantry, don’t buy masks you don’t need, call your local govt officials and demand they release all the people detained in jails pre-trial. And to take care of yourself/your anxiety: make a pie. Tell me what else we can do in the comments! #thesweetfeminist #sweetfeminism

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Becca Rea-Holloway, who runs @thesweetfeminist, is known for putting political statements on cakes. In this time of universal upheaval, she’s frosting more important words than ever; turns out, there’s nothing more comforting than reading “Let’s take care of each other,” written out in pie crust. The baker and artist also hosted her very first virtual baking party this week, in an effort to encourage “social distancing together.” Follow her now for details on the next one!


Eat This, Not That!


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Here’s a classic toast spread combo: Hazelnut! ⠀ ⠀ While hazelnut spreads are typically paired with berries—like strawberries or raspberries—fig is actually known to pair well with hazelnut. ⠀ ⠀ Adding the shaved almonds gives the toast a satisfying crunch when you bite into it, plus a dose of protein. Would you try this toast? 🍞🌰😋

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Finally, shameless plug here: There’s some sweet work being done on our Eat This Not That! feed. We always make an effort to bring you a healthy mix of recipes, weight loss tips, and food that’s helpful, but also just fun to look at. During the era of COVID-19, though, we’re pivoting our efforts to also include new ideas about meals to make from home, food shopping safety tips, and the most current, need-to-know food news. Have something else you’d like to see? Shoot us a DM. And speaking of cooking from home, Here’s One Full Week of Easy Meals You Can Make at Home!

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