Survey Says Americans Want to Drink a Beer with The Rock, Tom Brady, and Lady Gaga

Survey Says Americans Want to Drink a Beer with The Rock, Tom Brady, and Lady Gaga

Today is National Beer Day and while this year you won’t be going to a bar to have that celebratory brew, you can always hop on a virtual call and enjoy a cold one with some of your closest friends. And, to shake things up, you could ask everyone to fantasize about a famous person they’d want to have a beer with.

Well, that’s what the Beer Institute did at least.

In light of the holiday, the Beer Institute conducted a small scale survey, asking respondents which actor or actress, athlete, and musician they’d most want to have a beer with. The survey was conducted from March 16 to March 17 and included responses from about 1,000 Americans (all over the age of 21).

According to the Beer Institute’s methodology, participants were “demographically representative of the country based on the latest Census data” and were randomly selected from an online panel. Those that were selected were then recruited primarily by email.

The results? Here, you can check out the graphic for yourself.

national beer day
Courtesy of Beer Institute

There were some runners-up, too. For example, behind Tom Brady, the second athlete of choice to have a beer with was Serena Williams. Lebron James followed behind, securing a spot in third. For the actor and actress category, the next in line after The Rock was Sandra Bullock, followed by Betty White. Finally, for the most desired musician, there were a few ties. After Lady Gaga, there was an equal amount of votes for Jennifer Lopez and Bruce Springsteen. Adele and Blake Shelton then tied for third.

While we don’t know who the participants were, we can infer that there’s at least some diversity based on the musician category alone. All of these artists are wildly different, well, in terms of music genre that is.

We were curious as to what some of our readers would say if we ran a similar survey. We posted polls on our Instagram story and Twitter page for 24 hours and asked readers which athlete, actor, and musician they would most want to drink a beer with. We used the respective winners and runners-up from all three categories in the Beer Insitute’s survey as our options. We also gave people the option to choose “other.” The results?

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The majority of people who responded to our survey said they’d want to have a beer with The Rock. As for the other two categories, the majority of respondents chose “other.”

Tough crowd.

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