10 Signs Your Partner Has COVID-19

10 Signs Your Partner Has COVID-19

If you’re self-isolating with your spouse or partner, not only does your sanity rely on their sanity but your health also relies on their health. COVID-19 has proven to be an extremely contagious virus. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), someone who’s caught the virus can be contagious for two to 14 days.

It’s crucial to identify the potential signs of COVID-19 in your partner quickly so they can self-isolate and lower your risk of infection. Check out these 10 signs your significant other may have coronavirus and continue to check in with your quarantine partner so you can both stay healthy.


They Can’t Breathe

in pain touching chest respiratory symptoms fever, coughing, body aches

Shortness of breath is one of the most common signs of coronavirus. According to the Mayo Clinic, it’s also referred to as dyspnea and includes short or labored breathing. A brief shortness of breath may be attributed to anxiety, overexertion, or asthma. However, if your partner experiences a never-ending episode of dyspnea, the shortness of breath is severe and uncharacteristic, or their lips or skin begin to turn blue, it may be COVID-19. Seek emergency medical treatment immediately. 


They Won’t Stop Shaking and Have Chills

woman covered by a blanket on the sofa with high fever and flu

The CDC recently confirmed that a common coronavirus symptom seems to be body shakes that are accompanied by chills. If your partner experiences chills and body shakes that quickly go away, it could be related to sunburn or a simple chill. However, when these two symptoms are linked together and they don’t go away or keep coming in waves, it may be a sign of a fever, yet another symptom of coronavirus. This could be evidence that your partner has contracted COVID-19 and you should call your doctor to discuss these symptoms. 


They Have a Headache

woman with cold and flu bad symptoms

A few too many quaran-tinis can lead to a throbbing headache in the morning. But if your partner has a headache with no explanation and it’s accompanied by another coronavirus symptom, you should take it seriously. It may mean they’ve been infected with the virus. 

According to John Hopkins Medicine, a headache is an early symptom of COVID-19 and if it persists or gets more intense over time, it’s a sure sign of the virus. Contact your partner’s doctor if the headache is accompanied by another symptom and won’t go away.


They Keep Coughing

woman cough sneeze in elbow

It’s springtime so your partner’s cough could simply be dismissed as allergies. However, a cough is one of the leading symptoms of the virus and if your partner can’t seem to kick it, it could be cause for concern. COVID-19 attacks your lungs and according to Mount Sinai Medical Center, a dry and persistent cough could mean your partner is dealing with a respiratory virus. Consult a medical professional so they can potentially get tested for the virus.


They Have a Fever

woman holding thermometer and checking forehead of sick boyfriend.

Another common symptom of coronavirus is a fever. Many manufacturing plants and other essential businesses with multiple employees in one space have implemented temperature checks for workers to stop the spread. It’s important to keep an eye on your own body temp at home as well. However, pay attention to other symptoms that aren’t accompanied by a fever. According to John Hopkins Medicine, “It is possible to be infected with the new coronavirus and have a cough or other symptoms with no fever, or a very low-grade one, especially in the first few days.”

If your partner has a fever, it could be a sign they’ve been exposed to the coronavirus. Attempt to isolate from your partner and call a medical professional to talk about your partner’s symptoms and set up a test for COVID-19.


They Lose Their Sense of Smell or Taste

girl with a spoon near a mouth

If your partner suddenly mentions they can’t smell the dinner you burned or taste even their most beloved quarantine snacks, it could be cause for concern. This symptom is associated with respiratory illnesses including COVID-19 and may be a sign they have the virus. 

According to the CDC, if an unexpected loss of taste or smell is accompanied by another symptom of the virus, such as fever, headache, or sore throat, it’s a sign your partner may have coronavirus. Contact your doctor as soon as possible to discuss how to get tested and try to stay safely away from your partner so you don’t contract the virus as well.


Their Muscles Are Achy

Mature man with gray hair having back pain while sitting on a couch at home

Body or muscle aches that are accompanied by one or more other coronavirus symptoms, such as chills or a headache, may mean your partner has contracted the virus. If your partner complains of achy muscles that aren’t attributed to a tough at-home workout, pay attention to other potential symptoms. If you suspect they’ve been infected, contact your doctor for advice on getting tested.


They Have a Sore Throat

brunette sitting on bed with sore throat

Another one of the CDC’s newly reported symptoms that may be attributed to coronavirus is a sore throat. Your partner may have a throat that feels sore from allergies or a competitive game of Mario Kart that got a little loud. However, if the sore throat came on suddenly and your partner complains of another COVID-19 symptom, such as muscle pain or chills, it could mean they have the virus. 

Consult with a medical professional about your partner’s symptoms. They may need to be tested for coronavirus and you may need to keep away from them to ensure you don’t also contract the virus.  


They Feel Pressure in Their Chest

man is putting his hand to the chest

According to the CDC, “persistent pain or pressure in the chest” is a serious symptom of coronavirus. If your partner complains about a feeling of tightness or pressure in their chest, you should seek medical attention immediately. If you call 911, it’s important to notify the operator that you suspect your partner may have COVID-19. Place a face mask on your partner and yourself before help arrives, if possible.


They Feel Tired

woman lying on sofa having fever

If your partner’s schedule has flip-flopped due to quarantine and they’re simply not getting enough z’s, fatigue is bound to set in. However, if they feel extremely tired for no reason, the World Health Organization (WHO) warns it’s one of the most common signs of coronavirus. The virus may begin with a mild tiredness that develops into extreme fatigue and is accompanied by other symptoms. If your partner feels fatigued without explanation, contact their doctor to see about scheduling a test for COVID-19.

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