Dr. Fauci Says If This Sounds Like You, You’re at Risk

Major COVID-19 Side Effects, According to Dr. Fauci

Coronavirus isn’t going away anytime soon, partly because unvaccinated people are now the target of the “more transmissible” Delta variant, warns Dr. Anthony Fauci, the chief medical advisor to the President and the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. He spoke to NPR’s Midday yesterday to warn that the virus won’t be in the “rear view” until we all “crush” the vaccine. Read on for his big warning, and five life-saving pieces of advice, and to see who spreads the new variants—and to ensure your health and the health of others, don’t miss these Sure Signs You Have “Long” COVID and May Not Even Know It.


Dr. Fauci Warned That COVID is “Bad Acting” and Keeps Mutating

Biotechnology scientist in ppe suit researching DNA in laboratory using microscope. team examining virus evolution using high tech for scientific research of vaccine development against covid19

Dr. Fauci was asked when we could put COVID in the “rear view.” “We don’t really have a good number for you because this is a bad acting virus,” said Dr. Fauci. “It continues to evolve with different variants. We’ve already seen that. If you look at the last year and a half, how it’s gone from one variant to another, to another, to now we have the Delta variant, which is becoming dominant throughout many countries throughout the world.” Keep reading to see who he says is most likely to get—and spread—it.


Dr. Fauci Warned That Unvaccinated People Will be Responsible for New Mutants

Man gesturing stop to nurse offering syringe with vaccine.

Dr. Fauci said he couldn’t tell exactly when the pandemic would be over because “we don’t know what percentage of unvaccinated people in the country would allow the virus to continue to circulate enough, to be able to evolve, mutate, even more so that it then negatively impacts even the vaccinated people,” he warned. “So that’s what I call and refer to as your ‘communal responsibility.’ Because…viruses don’t mutate, unless you allow them to replicate. And as long as they’re out there replicating, they have the capability of mutating. And if you give them enough leeway, they’re going to mutate. Most mutations don’t mean anything. You know, they just functionally are not relevant, but every once in a while you get a constellation of mutations that actually alter the function of the virus, namely making it more transmissible, allowing it to evade monoclonal antibodies, as well as antibodies that are induced by vaccines.”


Dr. Fauci Wants Us All to “Crush” the Virus by Getting Vaccinated

Nurse with face mask sitting at home with senior woman and injecting covid 19 vaccine.

“When I use the word ‘crush’ the virus, I mean, get so many people vaccinated in this country that the virus has no place to go. So it doesn’t have free rein to bounce back and forth among people that it’s essentially boxed in. That’s what I mean—I don’t think we’re going to eradicate this virus, at least not for a very, very long time, but at least to get the level of dynamics of the virus so low, that the chances of there being the evolution of more variants would be extremely low.”


Dr. Fauci Said This is When The Vaccines Would be Approved, Not Just Have “Emergency Approval”

fda building

The FDA has not granted full approval for the vaccines, leading some to question its safety. “You don’t want to get ahead of the FDA,” said Dr. Fauci. “That’s never helpful to make a prediction. So because it’s their job to do it, but this is not out of the ordinary. This is the usual amount of time. It seems understandable that it is a bit longer than you would want. The data showing the degree of effectiveness in the real world is so overwhelmingly convincing that it’s a question for people to ask, like, what’s the problem here? You know, why not? There’s no problem. This is just the way the FDA dots, all the I’s and crosses all the T’s to make sure that when they give their final imprimatur on something it’s really bulletproof.”

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Dr. Fauci Said There May be an Uptake in Vaccinations Once It’s Fully Approved—and Mandates, Too

Woman wearing face mask looking at camera showing thumbs up after getting the covid-19 vaccine.

“The general polling is that there will be a fraction of people and it varies, you know, 10, 15, 20% or so, who really are waiting to get that full approval before they go ahead and they will go ahead once you get it, but probably more influenced by that is the hesitancy now of people mandating vaccines at the local level until they do get full approval,” said Dr. Fauci. “So what are you going to very likely see is a combination of people just coming over and saying, ‘Okay, now it’s good. I’m going to get vaccinated.’ And there’s going to be a lot of universities, colleges, businesses that are going to say, all right, now, once it’s fully approved, if you want to work in our establishment, you got to show that you’re vaccinated. And I think there’s going to be a lot more of that.” So get vaccinated when it becomes available to you, and to protect your life and the lives of others, don’t visit any of these 35 Places You’re Most Likely to Catch COVID.

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