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27 Clever Ambigram Logos That Look The Same When Viewed Upside Down

27 Clever Ambigram Logos That Look The Same When Viewed Upside Down

An ambigram is a typographical design or image consisting of textual content modified in such a means that it may be learn in several orientations – inverted, rotated, mirror-image, and so on. For instance, the brand of Sun Microsystems (no. 4 under) is a brilliantly-designed ambigram that reads ‘SUN’ from all instructions. Another well-known instance is the New Man brand (no. 6 under), designed by Raymond Loewy in 1969. It appears the identical the other way up or when rotated 180 levels.

Apart from business logos, ambigrams are generally utilized in tattoo designs, calligraphy, gothic typography, e book covers (Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons), music albums, and extra. In in the present day’s publish, we’ve compiled some sensible examples of rotational ambigrams in brand design that look the identical when seen the other way up. Check them out under.

1. Raffles Cafe & Bar


2. Vista


3. Onvo Media


4. Sun Microsystems


5. Elite


6. New Man


7. Aerosmith


8. Vegas


9. Texas


10. Handy Instant Booking


11. Trust

Horizontal ambigram


12. Yeah


13. Vizia


14. Oysho


15. Edge


16. Honey


17. 312


18. Noon


19. Cheap


20. Maxew


21. Kasek


22. ABBA

Horizontal ambigram


23. Sayyes


24. Edoga


25. Good


26. Awesome Industries


27. Society 27

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