Inspired by an interview with Bruce Lee, the place he refers to a facet of Taoist philosophy, that water can educate us “the way in which,” the graphic designer, inventive activist, lecturer, writer, and founding father of the eponymous studio for branding communication Rafael Bernardo began to wonder if he “was water” in his inventive workflow. Now, 5 years later, he wrote and designed a ebook with 224 pages, which is split 50/50 into the components Roots and Wings. 

Wings presents the graphic journey. Eleven of Bernardo’s favourite private initiatives and collaborative works he did for instance with Viva con Agua, the Forward Festival, or the porcelain manufacturing facility Rosenthal. And then, there’s a choice of eighty Be Water My Friend posters, created to apply and discover his visible voice. Clear compositions in black and white inside a spectrum of typography, illustration, and infographics.

Part two, Roots, outlines the theoretic basis of Rafael Bernardo’s expertise. The introduction of the Be Water My Friend methodology. An analytic system that he developed after he discovered that water behaves like creativity works.

It describes the progress of improvement as a clockwork, divided into three ranges. Context within the exterior, motivation within the heart, and course of because the connecting half in-between. It is a software to attach the way in which we expect with the way in which we really feel by analyzing how we form and navigate our processes, initiatives, and routines.

Bernardo believes that everyone experiences creativity otherwise however that its buildings and functionalities work equally for all of us. The first query is all the time whether or not you recognize what you need, for those who love doing it, and in case you are good at it. The second query is whether or not you know the way to seek out the little hidden errors that maintain you again from getting higher. This ebook desires to encourage inventive performers to see mindset and instinct as team-players and reveals methods to join and tune them to one another by reflecting on time, desires, and potentials.

Since water runs in cycles and “nomen est omen,” the ebook will likely be printed on three totally different sorts of 100% recycled paper, used water-based colours, and chosen by a printer that compensates for its carbon-footprint. The format is 16 × 24 cm, the spot colour is Pantone 032U, all fonts within the structure besides from one which Bernardo made himself are designed by newglyph.

Credits and extra information

  • Publisher: Slanted Publishers
  • Concept & Design: Rafael Bernardo 
  • Release: January 2022
  • Format: 16 × 24 cm
  • Volume: 224 pages
  • Language: English
  • Colors: Black (water primarily based) and spot colour Pantone 032U
  • Workmanship: Triptychon soft-cover, swiss brochure with an open backbone, stitched with crimson thread
  • Printing: Stober 
  • Paper: Cover: Kingdom XT-S Recy White; Roots: Circle Volume White; Wings: Circle Offset Premium White, IGEPA
  • Typefaces: Antarctica Bold, Atacama Condensed, and Africa Rainfall by newglyph
  • ISBN: 978-3-948440-33-6
  • Price: 34.– Euro


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