Kurt Chang is an artist primarily based in Los Angeles, CA, USA, he has been sharing fairly illustrations by way of his Behance. With this unending pandemic, I’ve seen a rise in ‘digital artwork’ tasks being shared. We all have on our option to cope with this ‘longer isolation’, perhaps it wasn’t the total intention behind Kurt’s collection however I believed will probably be nice to share so we will encourage one another. Looking at Kurt’s collection as he calls it: ‘Daily Art’. They are amazingly illustrated, every illustration tells a every day story that could be a actuality or past his creativeness. Give them a glance.


Image may contain: screenshot, computer and floor

Image may contain: painting, cartoon and child art

Image may contain: art and cartoon

Image may contain: red and floor

Image may contain: road, cartoon and way

Image may contain: person, painting and flower

Image may contain: footwear and cartoon


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