Continuing in the identical ambiance with fonts & typefaces, I stumbled throughout this beautiful ‘geometric-grotesk’ (their naming) sans serif typeface named Cerebri Sans Pro™. At first look, it’s very a font I might use of any of my ‘interface design’ initiatives, they’ve about 600+ per fashion and 20 kinds. It’s fairly a lot and supported in additional than 30+ languages. Designed by Hanken Design Co., a design store primarily based in Batangas City, Philippines. They are the professionals in the case of fonts and typefaces, be sure that to take a look at their website and Behance profile for extra of their work.

Credits & Info

  • Download Cerebri Sans Pro™
  • Design+Development: Alfredo Marco Pradil
  • Company: Hanken Design Co.
  • Glyphs: 600+ per fashion, Styles: 20, Class: Geometric, Grotesk

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