Bruno William collaborated with the gifted workforce of Perception NYC growing totally different ideas, aesthetics and movement assessments for one of many bold tasks of IBM – Project Debater, a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence expertise able to forming and articulating arguments based mostly on analysis and details in real-time. 

The principal objective and problem have been to create a “persona”, a visible illustration that was approachable and interesting, additionally, it wanted to be able to conveying delicate feelings like thought, confidence, humor and disagreement. 

Bruno William lined all kinds of explorations from 2D/3D options to Abstract and Experimental whereas understanding and visualizing what felt proper for the Debater.

You can be taught extra concerning the mission and see it in motion HERE in addition to some extra in-depth insights on the Perception Website.

3D Humanized Busts

Abstract Orbs

Abstract Avatar Representations

Credits List

  • Client: IBM.
  • Studio: Perception NYC.
  • Creative Director: John LePore.
  • Producer: Eric Daly.
  • Designer / Animator: Bruno William.

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