Pier Paolo shared an superior 3D undertaking titled Universal. In instances of misinformation and science denial he determined to make use of his instruments to assist spreading scientific data and maybe make extra individuals inquisitive about these matters. “UNIVERSAL” is a self-initiated undertaking exploring ideas of physics and science.

“The cosmos is inside us. We are manufactured from star-stuff. We are a approach for the universe to know itself.” – Carl Sagan


Einstein`s normal principle of relativity explains gravity as a distortion of spacetime attributable to the presence of matter or vitality.

Black gap

A area of spacetime the place gravity is so sturdy that nothing – no particles and even electromagnetic radiation akin to gentle – can escape from it.


In the middle of a black gap is a gravitational singularity, a one-dimensional level which accommodates an enormous mass in an infinitely small house, the place density and gravity turn into infinite and house-time curves infinitely, and the place the legal guidelines of physics as we all know them stop to function.

Expansion of the Universe

Galaxies are receding away from us with a velocity that’s proportional to their distance from us: extra distant galaxies recede quicker than close by galaxies.


Andromeda is a barred spiral galaxy roughly 2.5 million gentle-years from Earth and the closest main galaxy to the Milky Way. It’s additionally essentially the most distant factor seen to your unaided eye.

Gravitational Lens

A gravitational lens can happen when an enormous quantity of matter, like a cluster of galaxies, creates a gravitational subject that distorts and magnifies the sunshine from distant galaxies which can be behind it however in the identical line of sight. The impact is like wanting by an enormous magnifying glass.

Gravity bending gentle

Spacetime will get bent because of massive lots, which additionally impacts gentle trajectory.


The multiverse principle is a gaggle of fashions assuming that our bodily actuality encompasses multiple universe.


When gentle travels by house its wavelength will get stretched as a result of universe growth. This causes a shift to the purple a part of the spectrum.


Spacetime is a conceptual mannequin combining three dimensions of house with the fourth dimension of time.


A speculative construction linking disparate factors in spacetime.

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