This is my flow was one of many PUMA’s world campaigns for the 12 months of 2019 that Danilo Gusmão Silveira had the pleasure to work alongside KNAS staff and develop the primary visuals for the season. They determined to develop a minimalist strategy the place the main target was to have solely a composition primarily based on a typography therapy, graphic components to assist with the story and the hero gamers for this marketing campaign.


For the typographic therapy, Danillo and the parents over at KNAS tried to create distortions that reinforce the message of entering into the flow, the distortions assist to create a narrative to the composition.

Rough typographic therapy

Final typographic therapy

Image may contain: typographyImage may contain: person, man and clothingImage may contain: cartoon, poster and artImage may contain: drawing and cartoon

Final Layouts

Image may contain: footwearImage may contain: person, clothing and human faceImage may contain: person, poster and clothingImage may contain: clothingImage may contain: outdoor and bus

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