Collision is Eduardo da Floresta most up-to-date undertaking that consists in a e-book. It’s a non-narrative journey into a visual sci-fi universe, stuffed with locations to discover. Eduardo began this undertaking at first of this yr (2021), impressed by the previous sci-fi e-book covers and film posters. He provides that it’s a e-book with round 100 pages stuffed with obscure locations, bizarre creatures and mystic universes. “The identify comes from the idea that we’re all in a collision course on this universe. Sometimes we collide with our personal ideas and generally even desires collide with actuality”.

My principal aim for this e-book was to create a visual state of affairs, giving the areas and characters so everybody can think about a narrative of their minds.  

  Uma imagem com texto

Descrição gerada automaticamenteUma imagem com texto, interior

Descrição gerada automaticamente   Uma imagem com interior, chão

Descrição gerada automaticamente     Uma imagem com acessório, esmalte dos dentes

Descrição gerada automaticamente

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