FOOL’S ERRANDS is an artwork venture by animator Reuben Armstrong that brings collectively uncommon methods to think about humourous objects which might be solely attainable in a digital house.

A collection of absurd, pointless, ineffective undertakings… Painted in digital actuality utilizing Quill, the method retains the craft of cease-movement with a home made appeal.

The looping scenes are playful and cryptic, capturing a mischievous sense of humour impressed by the pranks performed on apprentices, interns or new starters. Each sensible joke is predicated on wordplay distinctive to a job and trade: anecdotes collected from tradesmen, cooks, engineers, gardeners and coastguards and plenty of extra. Confessions are welcome.

A surreal transmedia anthology, the varied Fool’s Errands are launched as GIFs, crypto artwork, digital actuality experiences and even flip-books. Available to accumulate, view and share.

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