Clément OGIELA (Polak) created a sequence of illustrations for Reverse MOOKS between 2019 and 2020. His work is a mixture of photomontages, handmade typographies and textures. The result’s what we might name a 90s impressed look. It brings that deconstructivist type mixing totally different graphics that jogs my memory of David Carson and the End of Print kind of labor.

I like imperfections and errors within the means of creation. I like to mix and overlay totally different illustrations and photos with brushed typographies. 

Deconstructivist Illustrations

Deconstructivism is characterised by an absence of concord, continuity, or symmetry. Designers are distorting and dislocating components, infusing black and white results with colours, damaged letter kinds and chopped design components to ship an unpredictable visible look. It brings again nostalgic emotions of Russian Constructivism and Ray Gun journal. It reveals a transparent rejection of the mainstream, nearly forcing the receiver to turn out to be an energetic viewer of the work. – Muzli Magazine

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