We have an excellent tutorial despatched by one in all our readers, Chanito from Panama. In this tutorial he’ll present you easy methods to create a superb 3D kind explosion with Adobe Illustrator, Cinema 4D and Adobe Photoshop. We will use fundamental instruments to make this art work. Good Luck!!!

For extra data go to Chanito’s Deviantart at http://chanito.deviantart.com/

Step 1

Open Adobe Illustrator and discover the font that you simply wish to use in your art work, on this case I used Xirod Font and tweaked it a little bit. Make it define and put it aside in Adobe Illustrator 8. (Cinema 4D simply open vectors on this Adobe Illustrator model).

Step 2

Go to Cinema 4D and open your Illustrator file, while you open it in Cinema 4D you’ll be able to see that it’s within a gaggle. You have to ungroup them and add the extrude NURBS to every letter of your phrase. Then when you might have every letter with extrude it’s good to add lights (I used 2 space lights, within the entrance and the left facet) and goal digicam (optionally available, you should utilize no matter you need).

Step 3

Well, we’ve got our 3D textual content and we have to add extra particulars earlier than we go over to Photoshop. We’re going to duplicate our 3D object 8 instances to make it editable and we’re going to add explosion and shatter. You have to play with the settings to see the way you need your 3D textual content to seem like. Just apply 3 explosions and three shatters to it and make a preview, you will notice the place so as to add extra particulars and the place to not.

Reader Tutorial: Extinction

Step 4

Go to render settings and put these following settings. Make the render and save in 300 DPI TIFF format with Alpha Channel.

Reader Tutorial: Extinction

Step 5

Take the render into Photoshop, go to the Channels home windows and select the Alpha Channel. Make your choice, lower your 3D textual content and paste it in one other layer. Then you’ll be able to work simply along with your 3D textual content and after, along with your background.

Step 6

We’re going to create the background and paint some areas with darkish blue. I used the fundamental comfortable brush and 50% opacity to attain the impact that I wished.

Step 7

Now we will add extra particulars to the background and we additionally have to create some highlights behind the 3D textual content to make it stand out.

Step 8

Time so as to add some coloration to our 3D textual content. You can do that in numerous methods. I simply used the fundamental comfortable brush and painted over the 3D letter and made some masks.

Step 9

We have to do a particular impact to use in entrance of our 3D letters. To do that, select the Gradient Tool and alter the mode to Difference. Make gradients in numerous instructions. After, choose the textual content and make a layer masks on this impact layer. Change the mix mode to Soft Light and Opacity to 70%

Step 10

Next, choose the 3D textual content, go to Modify – Contract and use 10 to twenty pixels. Delete then deselect and go to Effects – Blur – Motion Blur use Angle: 15 and Distance between 60 to 70 pixels.

Step 11

Now we’ll add extra element to our 3D textual content. Choose a superb splatter brush and paint wherever you need. To generate the again of the explosion it’s good to add damaged glasses behind textual content. (http://psdtuts.s3.amazonaws.com/208_Break_Down/items.png). Add some highlights to make it stand out.

Step 12

Add some shadows within the 3D textual content with the Polygonal Lasso Tool and the Gradient Tool in Black to Transparent.

Step 13

Now add some crack brushes within the 3D textual content to make the explosion extra actual. Put a crack on the letter you wish to brake, in my case, the x.

Step 14

Add highlights on the border of every letter to provide it an actual explosion feeling. To create the start of the explosion add a mini explosion brush to the within nook of the x.

Step 15

Make some strains and flares within the explosion level in numerous methods. Use totally different colours to provide it an excellent look.

Step 16

Add the damaged glass picture on prime of your 3D textual content and alter the Blend Mode to Overlay. Duplicate it, go to Edit – Transform – Flip Horizontal and alter the Blend Mode to Normal.


This is the ultimate picture. Hope you loved this tutorial!

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