shared a wonderful branding and visible id for Curitiba Coral. In an atmosphere the place communication supplies are usually outdated and little ingenious, Curitiba Choir sought a brand new id designed in the direction of a younger viewers (15-35) that will be daring, up to date and related. With clear objectives to be reached, we developed a visible system based mostly on a concise image, vivid colour gradients alongside a clear and direct typography.

We have the initials of the title represented within the image, shaped by seven traces referring to the quantity associated to God within the Bible. Furthermore, there may be the concept of sound waves propagation and the traces shaped by the viewers association within the choir’s church headquarters.

The gradients aimed upwards operate as a fluid and easy illustration of voices and music rising in the direction of heaven. In whole, there are six gradients alluding to 6 vocal tessituras current in a choir: soprano, mezzo, contralto, tenor, baritone and bass.

In addition, the geometric typography offers assist to the visible id, offering a harmonic composition with the gradients, producing clearness and legibility all through the entire communication.


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